October 1, 2022

Readers mail….
Susie L Ford….

On the 8th of June at Tawny’s Bar, MAYHEM had their debut show when about 50 plus people came along and Rock and Rolled with the group with lots of fun and laughter being had by all and some dancing too! The audience was so amazing and very appreciative!

MAYHEM is a new adult comedy variety show fronted by Susie Ford. The MAYHEM group is Martin Ford, Katy Bell, and Dave Lavender, and our treasurer is Clarisse Cooper.  Our aim is to make as much money as we can for Tulips.

Thank you to all and our guest singers for this rock and roll show. John and Pat Molloy, Kath Gardner, Al Burn, Andrew Cloughly, and our music tech Emma Gardner.  You are all fantastic and great to work with.  Many laughs and lots of hard practice make us what we all are.

Thank you to Tawny’s for having us and treating us so well and it’s been a real pleasure being with you.

Between us all we raised a great 2115.00 TL and a further 1,000 TL was donated by Tawny’s bar owner David O’Grady, making a grand total of 3,115.00 TL so a massive well done all!

Thank you all for joining us and thank you for the raffle donations. Thank you to Dave and his team for the good food and great service. Thank you also to Clarisse for the job you do also.

We will be doing another MAYHEM Rock and Roll show at The Balti House, Esentepe on the 22nd of June and a few seats are remaining  so book with me, SUSIE and again thank you all for helping MAYHEM support Tulips

Susie x

To book a show,  private message me, Susie Ford on Facebook.

Photos by Debs Sarjeant and Jean Berry

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