March 28, 2023

Information given by Girne Municipality, stated that within the scope of 1st June International Children’s Day, between 10:00 and 12:00 activities were held at Sevim Ebeoğlu Peace Park, Zeytinlik Children’s Park and Karşıyaka Children’s Park where free ice cream and balloons were distributed by İleli Market and Atakom Ltd and at Sevim Ebeoğlu Peace Park there was entertainment activities for children, with various workshops, competitions and musical games.

Children participating in the event and their families shared their thoughts on the event. Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that the children will be the youth and rulers of the future and the children of the country and the world celebrated the 1st June International  Children’s Day. Expressing that children are away from their education, schools, friends and social life due to the pandemic, Güngördü stated that on such a day, as the Municipality, they wanted to bring children together with their friends, distribute gifts to them, and entertain them with various activities, taking into account the pandemic conditions.

Güngördü thanked everyone who contributed to the 1st June International Children’s Day events, reminding that the children will be the rulers of the world in the future, children should be raised as individuals who love their country, homeland, environment, animals and respect their elders. Stating that the country and the world will be much more beautiful places to be ruled by the children who are raised in tolerance, love and peace, Güngördü wished for a future where all children will live under equal conditions, in freedom and peace, and grow up with tolerance. Stating that the conditions are much more severe in some countries where the pandemic continues, Güngördü stated that Northern Cyprus is in a lucky position compared to other countries, and stated that these difficult days will be overcome as soon as possible.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality


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