April 1, 2023

Readers mail….
From John Aziz Kent 
Honorary President of the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association

Dear Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard

Between you two producing the CyprusScene.com online e-newspaper and website which has developed into a very enlightening organ especially about the Cyprus catastrophic history and all problems throughout the years ever since 1951 and which has never stopped up until today.

The world continues condoning this atrocity with some of them like the EU, encouraging it against the Turkish Cypriots and even the Guarantor powers, not doing what they originally promised in 1960 Peace Agreement to do except Turkey came to save the Turkish Cypriots.

As most of the Greek AKEL Leftist members who did not want Enosis, Union with Greece were threatened or killed by the terrorists who already had an organisation called AKRITAS with Sampson’s EOKA B and the Junta of Greece wanting to kill all those not wanting ENOSIS.

Thank God Turkey came and saved all of us and even brought democracy back for Greece to adopt again.

Now CyprusScene through all of their hard work is publishing the Truth of the Cyprus problem and he is an Englishman to be proud of and should be applauded..

Thank you Chris thank you Margaret for Telling the Truth and Nothing but the Truth of the Cyprus problem.

2 thoughts on “John Aziz Kent applauds the Truth of Cyprus being told

  1. The day of Natural Justice May find its way to become of Norm on day, if it can overcome the Human Obstacle.

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