Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemn allegations in Biden’s statement

TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the allegations in US President Joe Biden’s statement regarding the events of 1915.

It was stated “We strongly condemn the unfounded allegations in US President Joe Biden’s statement regarding the events of 1915. Always standing by our Motherland, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus also considers this statement, which aims to cast a shadow on the Turkish nation’s glorious history, null and void. 

It is obvious that this statement which is devoid of historical and legal facts has been made to cater to various political circles which harbour animosity towards Motherland Turkey. It is clear that this statement, motivated by the aim of reaping political gains, does not change the historical realities, and that such biased and short-sighted steps will have an adverse effect on Turkey-USA relations and will damage the credibility of the USA. 

Turkey’s call to establish a Joint History Commission, with a view to uncovering the truth in light of scientific facts and documents, still stands. It should be recalled that this call to separate history from politics has been left unanswered by ill-intentioned circles. 

The only reasonable way forward is to correct this political statement and support Turkey’s steps aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the region”. 

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

Editors note: This statement relates to Joe Biden referring to the alleged massacres of Armenians in  1915.

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