March 25, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

During the course of this week discussions will be held in Geneva at the 5+UN informal meeting about the future of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot side has already made it clear they want a Two State solution..

Not only does the TRNC call for a 2 State solution but the Two-State Solution Platform for Cyprus which represents 65 non-government and civil society organisations globally who have collectively undersigned the statement as listed in Addendum A of the attached. Up until now, we have given our full support to the two Cypriot leaders involved in negotiating a mutually acceptable compromise settlement in Cyprus.  Regrettably, it is only too clear that the “Cypriot-led process” under UN auspices with the aim of constructing a federation-based solution, has not reaped the results for which many Turkish and Greek Cypriots had hoped.

Full details in Turkish click here and English click here are available to download and explain what the Two-State Solution Platform for Cyprus is calling for.


3 thoughts on “The Two-State Solution Platform for Cyprus

  1. …indeed, i ask, where is the Greek Constituency, an equal to the Turkish Constituency, equal in fulfilling the same needs. Such as it is, in Cyprus, the Problem, in that it is made up of Constituencies, needs us as Individuals to respect and trust each other as Persons. (What is a BBF?)

    …i suggest that a Constitution reformed, for, and as, Cypriots is natural. I am also suggesting that “Turkishness”, like “Greekness”, may go too far in their zeal, dismissing those “being” Cypriots as a population that is very small. Despite the decades of History, (still), Cypriots represent about half the population any way it is counted. Cypriots having “picnics”, for me at least are not hard to imagine.

    …two states at another level of Government is entirely possible, in a Cyprus, where Cypriots are Sovereign, as a State (having Citizenship and an equal vote) defending Universal Principals, as Individuals, one as a People, without the need for further distinction or discrimination.

    …Three (or more) Governing Bodies; Two levels of Government; to “be” an Individual, and a Person.

    …what of Turkey? And in its own Constitutional Reform, respect and trust among themselves as a People, as Individuals, as Persons with their own distinct identities united in providing toward the minorities that live among them the same recognition and Goodwill.

    Cypriots, especially Turkish Cypriots, have a lot to think about.

    1. With the passing of 50 years or more no real efforts being made to treat the Turkish Cypriots as equals and with respect so let’s see what the Greek Cypriots dream up over the next few days as their version of the new Cyprus Solution.

  2. Yes, it is a sad situation for the Turkish Cypriots but let’s be honest; it really doesn’t matter how many organisations sign the Two State Solution for Cyprus – if the Greek Cypriots don’t want it then that is the end of the story! Greek Cypriots still think of Northern Cyprus as being occupied territory, and I’m afraid that is not going to change any time soon. Therein lies the BIG problem for Turkey and the TRNC – and the rest of the world.

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