March 25, 2023

Today, it is the 22nd foundation anniversary of Girne Municipality Theatre Studio (GIBETSU). We raised the curtain on every 27th March World Theatre day from 1999 to 2019. However, in 2020, Covid-19 separated us from each other for the time being.

As it has been for years, you, we, the audience and the players long for the days when we will meet again after the Covid-19 pandemic.  Starting with the new normal, we will come together again and be witnesses of the moments created together, even if our seats are spaced and we cannot sit side by side, and we have masks on our faces.

We believe that we will forget all the obstacles that separated us from each other, including Covid-19, forget all our differences, and join the magical world of common emotions and common aspirations that connect us together after a short period of time. We also believe that everything starts with loving people.

In order to exist together again, instead of mediating and blindly advocating, we will remove the veil from the facts and shed light from our scenes.  All over the world, theatres have been the most uninhabitable places during 2020-2021. In March of 2020  the  pandemic had just begun. We could not imagine that this process would move to this day on 27th March 2021, exactly one year later. However, in this one-year period, theater actors all over the world have suffered the most, both materially and morally. It is clear from today that this process will still continue. The lost years and lost seasons of the theater world are evident today. 2020-2021 and maybe…

We could not say “curtain” on 27th March 2020 World Theatre Day, which we stubbornly call “curtain” every year, and today is 27th March 2021, and we still cannot say “curtain”. This is a very difficult and very painful process for any theatre. However, theatre is an art that feeds from all conditions and gets stronger especially under difficult conditions. We will undoubtedly call “Curtain” again in an even stronger voice.

By overcoming these difficult and painful processes together, we will reveal our similarities against those who want to destroy each other because they are different, we will seek ways to understand each other, to have dialogue and to live together. To show that the theatre exists again and with more courage against censorship, obstacles, prohibitions and poverty,

With lines, songs, dances, lights, and colours that cannot be locked.

In other scenes
In the streets
We will meet again.
And again and again
We will always be together
You and us…


Derman Atik
Girne Municipality Theater Studio


Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality



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