April 1, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Finland has once again been declared as the happiest country of the world. This is not the first time that Finland has earned this distinction. It is the fourth time in a row that Finland has ended up on top of the world.

There are many other names in the overall list, as announced in the latest list of happy countries. Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands etc. following Finland. Obviously we all know very well that there are countries where on average people are happy and there are countries where on average people are not happy. For example, Afghanistan, which ended up at the end of this list at 149th slot, where people in general are not happy. Of course, you cannot expect anybody to be happy in a country passing through an unending period of wars, and internal problems.

While going through the list, the first thing that came to mind was that it would have been better had this list been issued in reverse. So that the most unhappy country of the world would be top the list. In short, I am more interested in the countries where people are unhappy, rather than those where people are happy.

We all know that the whole world stands divided as wealthy and poor. There are countries divided on this basis and inside every country there are people divided in these two classes.  These have also been further divided as “too wealthy” and “less wealthy”, countries and people. In the same way we have poor countries and “very poor countries”.  The same is also with the people in general.

The problem is to analyse why some people and some countries are wealthy and some are not. Unfortunately, this is what has usually been ignored, mostly because it leads to some harsh realities of the world.

Photo by Paul Theodor Oja on Pexels.com

Such an analysis also brings to light what games some countries and some people play to accumulate wealth in the hands of some people and in some particular countries.

Unfortunately, if we try to start looking at things in this way, we will find that it’s not a new story. For centuries, some people are using other people for their own benefit. For centuries, some nations constantly tried to transfer natural resources of one or more countries to their own country. For centuries, some countries find a way to cheat other countries, and get full benefit of the situation.

However, there are people in the world who are bound to be cheated and looted, just because they do not use their brain to understand the real reasons behind their being poor, for years and centuries. Most of them still do not understand the true reasons of their backwardness. Unfortunately, as long as they do not understand the situation, they will remain poor.

So the annual list of “happy countries” would continue to be published unless all human beings become equal, and we erase the lines called borders.

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