March 28, 2023

In the information given by the Girne Municipality, it was stated that during the vaccination procedures that started this morning 01.02.2021, a total of 102 people were vaccinated.

Vaccination of citizens over 65 will continue at 09:00 tomorrow morning.

People aged 80 and over (born on or before 01.01.1940) for the Covid-19 vaccine, they will be taken from their homes by the Social Affairs Branch teams and returned back to their homes after vaccination. If you are interested in making an appointment call the Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch on 0533 870 20 10.

Source (Turkish)  Girne Municipality


4 thoughts on “Covid-19 Vaccinations start at Girne Municipality Social Life Center

    1. Joan the best thing is to call the number and ask rather than run the risk of turning up and have to wait in the street for permission to enter

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