March 26, 2023

Girne  Municipality and Girne District Governorship discussed the measures to be taken regarding Covid 19 Inspections with the Managers of 14 Casino Businesses in Girne.

In the statement made by the Girne Municipality,  with the Girne District Governorship, they came together with the responsible managers of 14 Casino enterprises currently active in the region and the representative of the Casino Operators Union in  the Girne Municipality. Girne District Governor Sinan Güneş and Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü were also present at the meeting held in line with the decisions taken at the District Police Meeting.

In his speech at the meeting, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü pointed out that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the city of Girne were also affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic process that has affected the world, and that the inspections carried out by the municipality continued with the prolongation of the pandemic. Güngördü stated that this meeting, held in respect of the negative criticisms of the casinos,  came to the agenda especially after the New Year’s celebrations, and the Girne Police Department and Girne District Governor Sinan Güneş will start inspections in the coming days.

Girne District Governor Sinan Güneş said that the people working in casinos are a part of the city; “We invited you here due to some criticisms  when closing down is being discussed. The Casinos’ contribution to the economy and tourism cannot be ignored. During the pandemic period, it is very important for you and for the public health to comply with the human density, social distancing and hygiene rules in the casino”. Stating that they will overcome this process together and the necessary measures will increase day by day, Güneş said that due to the increasing cases, the casinos were also warned thanks to this meeting and that they will act in a program and harmony while making decisions.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said, “During the pandemic period, inspections are carried out in various places. “There is a perception among the public that we cannot control the casinos, but this is definitely not the case.”  He stated that by going to the casinos within a couple of days, the applications in the casinos will be inspected together with the Municipality, District Governorship and its Police. Güngördü pointed out that the free meals and drinks offered in casinos should be divided into periods, especially the security personnel standing at the door who have great responsibilities, and according to the density of people inside they should check whether the people entering should be checked in and make a decision regarding this issue.

The officials who took the floor at the meeting stated that they would help the District Governorship and the Municipality in this regard, and they requested additional time in order to correct the deficiencies.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality


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