April 1, 2023

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As you are probably aware there was speculation over the weekend that we would be subject to tighter regulations governing the operation of businesses, similar to those of March 2020, from today.

However following a series of Government meetings it has been decided NOT to introduce these recommendations until a further review has been conducted in the coming week.


The Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee made some recommendations,  due to the pandemic in our country, on January 16, 2021. You will appreciate that the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee makes decisions regarding the implementation and / or the rules to be applied in order to control the pandemic according to the number of cases seen in the country. The final decisions regarding such action however is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.

The decisions taken by the Supreme Committee on January 16, 2021 were thoroughly discussed and evaluated in the Council of Ministers and decided NOT to implement the recommendations, but to further evaluate the situation at another meeting to be held in the coming week.

Considering the opinions of the Ministries related to the economy, it was decided to follow the process for another week and to bring the decisions taken on January 16, 2021, if needed, by taking the pandemic in the country into account.

Therefore, the decisions taken by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee on January 11, 2021 and entered into force by being published in the official gazette will remain in effect as stated below until the new decisions are published.  These are :

  • The partial curfew introduced on 11th January from 10pm until 5am remains in place.
  • After 22:00, it was decided that the decision to stop the activities in the areas of cafe, restaurant, patisserie, bet office, hairdresser, beauty centre, coffee house,  gym, pita shop, bagel shop, barber shop will continue in the same way. People working in these sectors should repeat the PCR tests every fourteen days.
  • It was decided to extend the decision on not gathering more than 10 people in houses until the next decision.
  • Classrooms, study, private lessons, and course activities were suspended until the next decision.

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