January 30, 2023

Girne Municipality called all dog owners to renew their annual licenses and register.

Girne Municipality, which continues its cooperation with non-governmental organisations related to stray animals, called on all city residents to make official registration of owned dogs for annual license renewal. Continuing its studies on stray animals throughout the city in Girne, Girne Municipality carries out veterinary care and rehabilitation of stray animals that need special care.

Girne Municipality Health Branch Director Naile Soyel stated that the most basic vital rights of all animals are that they live in good welfare; For this reason, she said that they continue to work as a municipality for the effective use of the powers granted by the Dog Registration Regulation and the Animal Welfare Law. Naile Soyel noted that besides providing food and warm kennels support for stray animals, especially on cold winter days, they continue to work on neutering, veterinary control and treatment and rehabilitation when necessary.


Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that owned dogs must have their licenses renewed every year. Güngördü stated that they continue to work at the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Centers, which they opened in 2017 for stray dogs, and that nearly 400 stray dogs have been neutered so far, and instead of buying dogs he wanted the animals at the center to be adopted.

Güngördü stated that for the animals living on the street they provide them with warm environments and food that they can eat in the struggle for survival in cold weather conditions. Explaining that cooperation is made with citizens and tradesmen who are sensitive to street animals, Güngördü noted that kennels for stray animals are placed at certain points throughout the city of Girne, and that they are trying to support animals on the street with feeding points that are regularly supplemented. Güngördü added that the protection and observation of these points, which are under the regular supervision of the municipal teams, is important for sustainable work practices.

 Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality


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