March 27, 2023

President Ersin Tatar received German Ambassador to South Cyprus Franz Josef Kremp, who congratulated President Tatar on the election results and wished him success in his mission. President Tatar for his part informed the German Ambassador regarding the two-state policy based on the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ sovereign equality and cooperation with the Greek Cypriot side.
He also said that the isolations and restrictions imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people especially on the issue of direct flights were unacceptable. Tatar also called on the EU to fulfil the promises given to the Turkish Cypriot people in the past and called for the lifting of all restrictions.

Tatar indicated that Germany is expected to contribute to the fair and equal treatment of the Turkish Cypriot side in the international arena, the elimination of political and economic imbalances between the two sides, and the elimination of discrimination against the Turkish Cypriots by the EU so far. President Tatar also explained with examples that the Turkish Cypriot side has shown a positive attitude to achieve reconciliation in Cyprus for more than half a century, but the negotiations have not yielded results due to the intransigent attitude of the Greek Cypriot side. Tatar stated that it is necessary to turn a new page in order to make progress on the Cyprus issue.

Kremp stated that Germany is always ready to help the parties if they wish to reach a consensus on the Cyprus issue and they will be pleased to do this.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “Tatar received German Ambassador Kremp

  1. Et last we have a Proactive President, instead of a time waisted just to please his friends in the South.
    Let us start the way we wish to Progress into a better Future.
    God bless the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, and all the people who choose to be a part of it.

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