March 27, 2023

By Kate Cornwell…

Christmas Fayre at LORDS PALACE in aid of Gonyeli Guardian Angels, Sunday 13th December 2020.

So who and what are Gonyeli Guardian Angels?  Well it all started with a lady, Irene Scott, who had always been involved in animal rescue since she has been living here in the TRNC and she and others rescued and rehomed at least 20 dogs from appalling conditions in the village of Vadili.

Irene got together with Kibris Hayvan Haklari Dernegi,  who are a local registered TRNC animal rescue group approximately 2 years ago, as there was a shelter in Gonyeli run by the Belediyesi, where there were huge problems with the amount of dogs in the shelter.   One of the problems was that it flooded in winter and many animals were dying!  So Gonyeli Guardian Angels are a team of volunteers working together to raise monies to help provide veterinary care, food and ultimately rehoming these vulnerable animals.

Carole King got involved shortly afterwards, helping Irene with the Goneyli Shelter, as one night there had been tremendous storms and the shelter was flooding and some of the dogs/puppies were in imminent danger of drowning. They and other volunteers went to the shelter and removed 13 puppies and 3 dogs to foster homes in order to save their lives.  ALL OF THOSE DOGS HAVE NOW BEEN REHOMED!

After that awful night, their aim has been to try and make life better for the dogs in the shelter by providing as much good quality food as possible as they were just being fed on Deli leftovers.  These ‘angels’ get them veterinary treatment, try and take out defenceless dogs plus organise for the dogs to be spayed and neutered but more importantly their aim is to try and rehome them.  These poor dogs get no exercise, get poor quality food and very little if ANY veterinary care and this is what the Gonyeli Guardian Angels want to change and to their credit they have, as in the last couple of years they have rehomed over 200 dogs – WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!

They have meetings with the Gonyeli Belediyesi, their vet and the mayor to try and get improvements to the shelter.  Progress is slow and they are finding it difficult to get co-operation and help but they are a determined team and will NOT turn their backs on these animals and watch them die.

Monies raised help provide veterinary care, food and ultimate rehoming of these helpless animals, whether fostered or into safe environments with the main aim of  a ‘forever home’

We all know that this is a never ending task but it is a fight that these Gonyeli Guardian Angels will never give up on.

So please support their Xmas Fayre on Sunday 13th December to help fund this worthwhile group of wonderful people  – ‘THE GONYELI ANGELS’.

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