So who is the US PRESIDENT?

By Chris Elliott…

Over the past weeks, the world has watched open-mouthed seeing the claims and counterclaims regarding the US Presidential Elections which the international media leaped on and tried to be the front runner dishing up headline news and seeking the greatest following.

One thing for sure is that the American nation is deeply divided as supporters of the Republican or Democratic parties with people having a myriad of likes and dislikes which they have developed from what the media tells them.

Roger Bara recently wrote a review as he saw it and this was countered by Roger Jennings in the US and you can read both points of view by clicking here.

Perhaps UK readers have also become swayed into believing what they read and forming opinions and it would be good to reflect on the unbelievable antics that we witnessed with the BREXIT saga in the UK Parliament which was dragged from pillar to post by those with big egos and ulterior motives.

The  point of disagreement as to who is the US President is wrapped up  in claims that postal votes have been used to gain maximum votes… Have they?  Click here to play this video which may push away the smoke and mirrors that will be accepted by some and rejected by others.

 If Joe Biden is to be the new US President, subject to no court cases proving voting irregularities, we will see him arrive at the White House in January  2021.

The question we should ask is should we take media headlines as gospel or look to see if there is smoke and mirrors tucked away in a convenient corner?