America: How could we have got here yet again?

By Roger Bara…

I write columns for a Jersey newspaper and there they have a government no-confidence problem so it’s mind-blowing to see what is happening in America.

In the week that Jersey’s politicians debate a motion of no confidence in the Chief Minister, it’s difficult to ignore what’s going on thousands of miles west across the Atlantic. America, as I write this, are awaiting the result of its own no confidence motion – no confidence in common decency, no confidence in competence, and no confidence in the fight against dishonesty, bigotry, racism, greed and ignorance.

It begs the question, why on earth have we reached this situation, exactly the same situation as four years ago? With half of America, and most of the rest of the world, wanting rid of Trump, how come he can still lie and cheat, including alleging fraud in the election without a jot of evidence, and get away with it? He has surely already undermined the ballot-counting, and called the very machinery of American democracy into question. Whether he eventually succeeds or not, how is the voting so close that for much of the time you couldn’t separate the two?

Let’s face it, it’s not a great choice. A tax-dodger who has disgraced the position of President of the United States almost every day for the past four years, against someone who should have retired years ago, devoid of any character or semblance of charisma; far too nondescript and far too old. Why the Democrats could not come up with someone more appealing is way beyond me.

I lump all Trump supporters, you know, the raving covidiots, in the same category as Flat-Earthers. They don’t necessarily think he is in any way up to the job, they just love to point a finger up at the establishment and pretend everything is either the subject of a massive conspiracy or simply fake news. Pathetic and hugely sad. But these very people were perfectly adept at making Trump their president once, and they are just as capable of doing it again, whatever the polls may have suggested. Wasn’t it Hilary Clinton leading those polls in the week before the 2016 election?

It’s understandable that any Trump doubters might be totally uninspired with the alternative, but at least a vote for Biden could be considered a vote for basic decency. Will there be enough decency left over the water? I’m not holding my breath.

So why, why are we here?  Consider this as a reason. Up to the late 1980s, many Americans worked in factories, and when they retired, a gold watch and enough pension to last until death was their anticipated, and granted fate. But that all changed when, for the first time in history, productivity and wages became disconnected, and went their separate ways. So, retirements were effectively stolen and, because of the North American Free Trade Agreement, tens and thousands of new factories opened just over the border in Mexico. That meant the work went out of the country, but the profits from that work went to the 1% elite back in America. Thus many working people became totally fed up with the establishment because it had broken the social contract that had previously existed. You thought you were going to earn certain privileges, but that was no longer happening. So let’s all stick our finger up against the establishment.

This is what made Donald Trump. And that’s why, maybe, his supporters love the idea that he is not a politician. Let’s be frank, he’s not even a Republican, he is a populist, rather like Boris Johnson. (As an aside, is there a link between having two populist leaders, and two nations desperately mishandling the COVID-19 crisis?)

This whole shabby American election is not in fact anything to do with Donald Trump being good for America – this is more about hating the 1 per cent that he calls the establishment – that’s why his supporters love him, even adore him. So much. If only they knew that he doesn’t care in the slightest about them – in fact, he probably despises most of his supporters, but they are a means to his end.

As far as most fellow leaders with whom he has to deal, all having to cope with the growing strength of China, and an always aggressive Russia, it must wrankle deeply to have the president of the USA manifestly preferring the company of dictators and autocrats. Is that the way for an American president to behave? So sad they have to deal with such a person.

Four more years of what I consider to be a vile, ignorant, childish and totally self-absorbed narcissist as President will be catastrophic for progress, superpower relations, peace itself, and just as importantly, the climate. As much as Biden leaves me totally cold, the alternative is simply too much to bear. Whoever wins this election, how on earth did we allow it to come to this?


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  1. This article by Mr. Bara is a total lie, and should not be relied upon.
    The corruption of the Democratic Party in the US is coming to light. Here are some examples:
    In Pennsylvania the law is the election ends on Election Day. The legislature refused to change the law. So the Democrats had the Pennsylvania Supreme Court whose members are all appointed to their positions by Democrats ruled that votes after Election Day would be counted. In the US laws are passed only by legislatures. Courts can only rule on whether a law is constitutional or not. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the US system has no right to create a law that allow voting after Election Day. The US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has stepped in to order that all votes received after Election Day be segregated and not included in the vote total. As of Election Day Trump was ahead by some 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, but when the votes received after Election Day are counted, Trump loses. The US Supreme Court which is the final arbiter in the US has set the stage to require Pennsylvania to follow Pennsylvania law, and Trump will win Pennsylvania. Mr. Bara did not report facts like this.
    In Michigan where Trump was clearly winning at the end of Election Day the final vote count put Biden ahead. In one election district which in prior elections had a pattern being predominantly Republican reported Biden won. The Commission of Elections was suspicious and ordered a hand count rather than rely on totals produced by computer. The Board of Elections discovered that the computer program was recording some of the votes for Trump to be Biden votes. 6000 votes in a small election district were switched from Republican to Democrat. The Democrats have been caught cheating. That computer software was used across the US. It is now likely that the deadline for finalizing the election in the US will be delayed, and many election districts will have to hand count or use different software. Mr. Bara did not report this cheating.
    The law of the US requires that representatives of both political parties be present and view the ballots. When I voted in NY there was a Democrat sitting next to a Republican. Both had equal access. In all the contested areas of the US, e.g. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, etc., that law was not followed. Republicans were barred by the Democrats from being present to observe the vote counting. In Pennsylvania the Republicans went to Court and got a Court order telling the Democrats to allow the Republicans to observe the vote count. The Democrats on camera refused the Court order. In the US system, that is contempt of court and the person(s) who did not follow the Court order will likely go to jail. Mr. Bara did not report the law or facts.
    There are many other examples of corruption by the Democrats.
    When all the facts become public, and the courts have ruled, expect Trump to win, and the Democrats to be further disgraced. Ever since Trump decided to run for office the Democrats have been guilty of one dishonest act after another.
    Republicans will say Trump says and does things they do not approve of. However, with all his faults, he has acted and delivered results that most Americans approve of.
    The Wall Street Journal this past week printed a map of the US showing a tiny red (Republican) or blue (Democrat) dot for each election district. The US is entirely red, except for New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and a few other small spots. Mr. Bara did not report this either. He lives in one of those areas dominated by Democrats. He is a partisan and liar as the facts show.
    As for Mr. Biden, anyone watching this election process recognizes that Mr. Biden is suffering from dementia. He is an empty suit. If elected, he will quickly be replaced by Karmela Harris who is a communist. If that happens, the US will have another civil war. The Trump rallies during the pre-election period were massive with many thousands of people wearing the Trump red caps, shirts, etc. Biden did very little campaigning and typically had 12-100 people attending. There just was no enthusiasm for Biden. Mr. Bara did not report this.
    The Democratic Party corruption is massive and systemic. The facts already show that, but more evidence is coming. So, my friends in Cyprus, do not believe the US media or partisans. Look only at facts that you can independently verify.
    Roger Jennings. (author of articles about Cyprus printed in Cyprus Scene)

  2. Thank you for having read my article, and for your response. My opinion is that just that. An opinion. So it cannot be a lie, or indeed a truth. It is just an opinion. If Mr Trump comes up with the evidence, then the courts will decide appropriately. The whole point of my piece was to ask how on earth America could have got to this stage again, despite the horrors of the past four years. In particular the last 11 months, with one of the very worst dealing of the pandemic possible, as bad as the U.K., with hundreds of thousands dying. Yet it’s neck and neck as far as voting is concerned. I do not expect any fanatical Republican to understand.