December 9, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

We were sad to hear the news of the passing of Bill Gallop, a long time (and oldest) member of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR), and although not having contact with Bill for some years, we reflected on the time when we met him and his late wife Dorothy when the TFR winter meetings were held at the Aeria Bar in Lapta.

Bill and Dorothy celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary in 2015 but sadly Dorothy passed away in January 2017.  We remember Bill being a very outgoing person, always with a smile.

Ralph Kratzer wrote a very nice article about Bill and his wife in 2013 as part of his series of interviews with TFR members which gives an insight into the lives of Bill and Dorothy and their decision to move to North Cyprus.  One sentence in the article which I think sums this up is  “Taking beautiful holidays at so many places all over the world, they in the end came to Limassol in South Cyprus. After several  long-term holidays there they decided to buy property in Cyprus but not without having first inspected the North side of the island. Getting to know the beautiful landscape of North Cyprus and the warmth of its inhabitants the decision was made in favour of the northern part. During one of their following holidays in Kyrenia they found a villa for rent in Zeytinlik and the day before they had to fly back they tore up their tickets, stayed and haven´t been back to England since.”

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Bill Gallop – Rest in Peace 



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