December 9, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

Living in Northern Cyprus for a long time, I have become sympathetic to the need and want for Direct Flights from the UK to Ercan Airport, Northern Cyprus which at present is not possible due to an embargo on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Will the embargo be lifted, I say ‘never say die’ and keep pushing for justice and equality and if you love this country and with the UK leaving the EU through Brexit, now is the time to push harder and harder.

Currently, the petition to the UK Government, which at this time shows 8,810 signatures, when they reach 10,000  signatures, the government will respond to this petition and at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

So is it possible to reach this far off figure of 100,000 to guarantee a hearing? The naysayers will scoff and say it’s not possible but the key to success is to be found in the petition which at this time has 8,810 signatures click here and underneath that it says “Show in map” and when you click it shows a map.

So what, you may say? But just hover over any part of the map and it will show you numbers of signatures from a UK constituency with the name of the member of parliament like Theresa Villiers who is not a fan of the TRNC and is an MP for Chipping Barnet. Click here

Below you will see a list of the top UK constituencies by petition signatures made at this time.

  • 464 signatures from Enfield/Southgate.  
  • 355 signatures from Enfield North,
  • 187 signatures from Broxbourne.
  • 181 signatures from Eltham.
  • 158 signatures from Chingford/Wood Green.
  • 129 signatures from Lewisham East.
  • 124 signatures from  Beckenham.
  • 122 signatures from Tottenham.
  • 122 signatures from Bromley/Chislehurst.
  • 119 signatures from Chipping Barnet.
  • 119 signatures from Old Bexley/Sidcup.
  • 114 signatures from Epping Forest.

Now many other constituencies have people who have signed the petition in smaller numbers so here is the challenge for all of those people who have signed to reach out to their friends and ask them to sign the petition and then start pressing their local MP for support.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, and in so doing, perhaps many hundreds if not thousands of signatures may be added to the petition!

7 thoughts on “Who and where are UK people voting for Direct Flights to the TRNC

  1. I am living 6 month in Austria and 6 month in Northern Cyprus. On July 1 I was refused by the Greek border control to pass from Metehan – as I flew from Vienna to Larnaka – to cross over to North Cyprus despite of negativ Corona test and all necessary documents having a home in North Cyprus and I had to return back to Vienna. It is realy necessary for aircrafts of all EU-countries to fly directly to Ercan. I do hope many people sign the petition and wish you a good success. Hilde Zia

    1. Thank you Hilda,

      Yes its time for direct flights and we are trying very hard motivate people and groups tp motivate others and when you look at the UK constituency map and the individual signatures in each constituency to date, it’s clear that a fantastic effort has to be made outside the thinking box to get many thousands of people to sign this petition.

    2. Hello Hilda,

      We are preparing another article to promote the demand for direct flights and I would like to include your experience of not being allowed into the TRNC if that’s OK with you?

  2. This is great and long overdue, well done for organising. Have signed and am forwarding to others.

    1. Thanks V J Miles,

      We have a long way to go but recognising the fact that at 1000,000 signatures the UK government will think about discussing it in parliament means we have to drive for that many signatures and then just keep pressing by any means possible

      1. Hello Susan, yes I quoted the second target of 100,000 or more which is achievable if readers will mobilize and start networking to get their friends and families to sign the petition.

        Have you been able to reach out to many people?

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