December 10, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Just look around the world. Try to have an overall picture of what is happening in the world. I am sure if we try most of us can do this. What do we see?

I am sure most of us would come up with the same conclusion. The world is in really very bad shape now.  When I use the word “shape of the world” here, I do not mean the physical appearance of the world only, I mean everything that’s happening in the world.

There are too many problems that the world is facing now. These are too many to list down.  I know I cannot list all of them, but I pinpoint some which are very disturbing.

For example the problem of heating of the world atmosphere (global warming), is one that is going to affect the whole of the world, and all of us, in a short period of time. Even though we are aware of this fast approaching danger, we prefer not to take it seriously.

The pollution on the earth, is another problem that we all know. We well understand where all this pollution will lead the world to in near future. We all discuss this problem frequently, yet nothing serious appears to change the situation.

The problem of poverty and hunger is what we all know. There are millions of people living in different parts of the world, who either do not have anything at all to eat, or they are simply surviving. A very big number of humans in different parts of the world do not have a house to live in. Innumerable people world over do not have access to running water.

Refugees seek safety and a new life


The world is filled with children who do not have schools to attend.  Without education they do not know anything.

There are innumerable people in various parts of the world who are sick, but do not have medical facilities.

There are also many people in the world, who do not get properly paid, for the work done by them. There are people, who work hard the whole day, but do not get rewarded properly.

There are people who get killed in wars, without any reason. They get killed for no fault of their own. They are of all ages, who all of a sudden see other forces imposing wars on them.

There are people who do not find jobs in their own countries. They want to migrate to other countries, but cannot.

I am sure, this list is going to have no end, so you too can add whatever comes to your mind.

However, it is very easy to continue listing down the problems. I am sure most of us can also list down the solutions to all of these.

But who is going to solve all this? That’s the real problem. I am sure that all of these problems cannot be solved. For years and years people like me have been waiting to see the problems solved, but unfortunately have not seen anything going in that direction.

In my opinion, there is only one way to solve all the problems of the world. A natural shake-up of the whole world that would bring down everything to its “basics”, that would re-format everything in this world. I think that is the only way out. I wait for something very special and very big to happen, which would relieve the world of all the existing problems. Yes, I wait for a big shakeup.

2 thoughts on “The world really needs a big shake up

  1. ” Bismillah Hir Rehman il Raheem” ” Aza zul zilat el Arzay Zilzaliha” I suppose that world is about to reach its destination, and only shake up, which is close could be the big shake which is mentioned in the holy Quran 99-1.
    Problems you have mentioned in your article can be visualized practically in Karachi,You are living in Cyprus I am in Lahore but both of us keep visiting Karachi and face all those problems with some addition of street crimes. I do not foresee any revolution in Pakistan with deep rooted corruption.
    Major part of the world is suffering from similar problems, so world wide revolution is needed to rectify the world.
    Let us hope and pray for something which could bring some relieves to the world.

  2. Very well explained.. The article possess high value and world responsible person UNO rich countries and west must took corrective decisions to improve situation..

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