September 22, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…

According to the press release issued by the Public Relations department of the Near East University (NEU), starting from 20th July until the end of August 2020  entry to the Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum will be free.

The Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum has 11,000 plant species of different kinds, living samples, and more than 20,000 items related to Cyprus Geology. All of these items have been gathered during the last 18 years for the research projects carried out by the NEU university.

The museum plays an important role in educating students of the university. It is not just the students working on relevant topics, the students of the primary, middle, and high school, also visit the museum, to have a better understanding of nature.

Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum is currently carrying out many scientific research projects related to the joint natural sciences with the Vienna Natural History Museum, Wales Natural History Museum, Italy Palermo University, Eskişehir University, and Ege University. Additionally, through the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and museums, many scientific studies are carried out in cooperation with the European Union and TUBITAK.

Assoc. Dr. Özge Özden Fuller of NEU University emphasised that the Museum aims to explore the biology and ecology of the creatures on the island by carrying out international scientific projects in many areas related to the Nature of Cyprus.  Dr.  Fuller said:

“Our museum, which makes learning enjoyable and permanent especially for young people and children, is often frequently visited by students during the school period. Apart from students, our museum appeals to tourists, who come to our country for holidays, and locals and we would like to announce that the Museum will be open to visitors on weekdays free of charge until the end of August.”

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