September 30, 2023

We met Alison and Paul Cunnew a few years ago, they had been partners for some 10 years and at a party evening in Catalkoy, Paul proposed to Alison, it was all very romantic. 

l-r : Alison, Paul, Doreen and Colin

Since then they have married and Alison has continued her work as a carer for Colin and Doreen Toms in the UK.  Over the years they have made frequent visits to North Cyprus for Colin to see his brother Peter and last year it was decided that they would all make the move permanently to North Cyprus.  A villa was purchased and arrangements made to move to North Cyprus in April 2020, Paul and Alison sold their house in the UK, moved in with Colin and Doreen at their home, shipped their container of household goods and then came “lockdown”.   The household goods arrived in Famagusta but Alison, Paul, Colin and Doreen were stuck in the UK.

On 15th July, Alison and Paul were finally able to make the journey to North Cyprus and this is what she has to say of her experience so far.

“We landed in North Cyprus at 02.00 this morning, had to have another test done at the airport to show we were fit to enter, then had to wait for 2½ hours whilst the Turkish people argued with the police about going into quarantine, we got to our accommodation at 5am this morning.  The rooms we are in are in Nicosia and are student residence accommodation, the rooms are not that bad as you can see from the pictures and we have a balcony which is an added bonus, our meals are brought to us and left outside our room and up to now have not been bad meals, the weather is very hot and we have clear blue skies, just another 13 days to go and counting.

They were going to split us up and we said ‘no way’ so they put us together and got their own back on us with single beds that can’t be moved!!

We had to leave Colin and Doreen at home with family and friends looking after them. We are here to try and sort the container out. When we arrived we were told at passport we only have 30 days then we need a visa so you can only imagine what we are going through what with 14 days in quarantine then a week in isolation, that takes up 21 days, so it will be full on running around when we get out. If we manage all this and get the container sorted it will be a feat in itself but hopefully it will all turn out ok then we go back in September and spend 5 days at home and come back with Colin and Doreen plus Paul’s family are coming out with us for a short holiday that is if the south let us over the border and we still have to get our cats over with us so we are in for a few months until all is ready for us to enjoy our lives out here x

Tea tonight was home-made chicken soup, garden peas and carrots and small pieces of meat, it must be pea season because there were loads of them, followed by a Turkish dessert and fresh fruit.”

Alison and Paul have so much to do before they can relax in their new home with Colin and Doreen joining them.  We hope it will not be too traumatic an experience and wish them well when they can finally settle down to a normal life.

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