September 22, 2023

In June, a total of 462 operations were subjected to controls on hygiene and Covid-19 measures.

Girne Municipality, health and hygiene controls; In food-related enterprises, the cleaning of general work areas, hygiene and Covid-19 measures taken increased the supervision of the personnel’s hygiene measures and food safety elements. In addition to the warnings given to the enterprises in order to eliminate detected non-conformities, in determining the situations that endanger human health in the enterprises, closing penalties were applied to the companies.

The activities of the following establishments, which have been found to have significant deficiencies in the area of operating permit, health certificate and general hygiene, which have been detected in the past month, have been stopped and sealed: Acıktim Susadım – Dolunay Cafe & Bar – Elida Beauty Salon

These enterprises will be allowed to operate after the hygiene deficiencies are completed.

In addition, 6 companies with hygiene deficiencies were also given notice of closure:

  • Sülkem Simit Evi – Canciğer Restaurant – Palmi Börek – Gazoz Buffet – Trypiti Restaurant – Yok Yoktur Market
  • Products not suitable for sale were seized from shelves  during shelf inspections.

 Information was given by Girne Municipality, during the controls that the following measures were taken;

  • Trypiti Restaurant: 2.20 meatballs, 1kg octopus, 4kg fish, 1.20kg peach kebab, 2.5kg chicken products without date label, and stocking correctly.
  • Canciğer Restaurant: : 8kg chicken was confiscated because of unlabelled and not stocked properly.
  • Döner Box Restaurant: 140 pides were confiscated because they were not stored under suitable conditions.
  • Turgay Market: 3 sandwiches were seized for destruction due to the sale date on the packaging.
  • Enn Biber Döner: 15kg chicken was confiscated due to being unlabelled and not stocked properly.

Enterprises were fined a total of 1,768TL

Due to general cleaning – hygiene deficiency, outdated products in shelf control, and lack of health scorecards, fines totalling  1,768TL were given to the enterprises. A total of 462 enterprises were visited during the audits regarding the COVID-19 measures that businesses should take. A total of 167 enterprises were warned for their deficiencies; It has been determined that COVID-19 measures are being implemented in other enterprises.

Health Branch Supervisor Naile Soyel said “Due to the Global Pandemic period we live in, human health and hygiene issues have gained much more importance. COVID-19, although not a food-borne disease, requires that people working in food-related businesses provide the highest level of personal hygiene measures. As a municipality, we continue the general hygiene controls of the enterprises with care. This process is important for the health of our city people as well as our society as a whole.”

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü said : “Within the framework of the prevention of COVID 19 Pandemic, we have been active throughout our city since the first day the epidemic was detected in our country. As a municipality, we continue our intensive efforts to protect the health of our people with many applications we have implemented. Food controls; In this context, it is carried out with a focus on scientific principles and also human health. Our sensitivity is slightly higher due to the pandemic. For this reason, I invite all our tradesmen to cooperate, to take necessary precautions and follow the rules, and wish my respects to all our people with healthy days.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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