August 19, 2022

Health Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ali Pilli, made a statement and pointed out that 803 passengers were tested for Coronavirus in the last 24 hours and one out of 434 test results was positive.

Pilli also said ‘the results of the remaining 369 Coronavirus tests haven’t yet been confirmed and the 434 tests carried out applied to passengers entering the TRNC by sea and the passengers who had travelled abroad. The remaining 369 unconfirmed tests are in respect of the passengers who entered to TRNC by air.’

Minister Pilli mentioned that the passenger who was confirmed as COVID-19 positive entered the TRNC by sea and was kept under surveillance in Lefkoşa Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital. In addition the contacts of the COVID-19 passenger have been detected and have been taken under control in the quarantine hotels.

Minister Pilli said ‘as of today (July 2, 2020) all passengers arriving by sea and by air to our country, including those coming from South Cyprus who have travelled by air, will be kept under surveillance in quarantine hotels by the Ministry of Health until the results of PCR tests are confirmed.’

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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