September 30, 2023

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, international flights which could not operate for about 3½ months, are beginning to start gradually. Following the interruption due to the pandemic, the Istanbul-Ercan flight aircraft of Turkish Airlines, which carried the first tourist group to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, landed at Ercan Airport at 02.30 on Wednesday 1st July.

Minister of Health Ali Pilli, Minister of Tourism and Environment Kutlu Evren and Finance Minister Olgun Amcaoğlu visited Ercan Airport to examine the precautions taken at the airport before the first flight to Ercan following the 1st July gradual and cautious opening decision. 

Health Minister Pilli, who examined the measures taken at Ercan Airport prior to the THY flight with 167 passengers landing at Ercan, together with Minister of Tourism and Environment Evren and Minister of Finance Amcaoğlu, was accompanied by the Director of Civil Aviation Department Mustafa Sofi.

The 3 Ministers, received information from the authorities and examined the area of immigration procedures, thermal cameras and PCR tests of passengers coming to the TRNC.

The Ministers visiting Ercan Airport made statements to the press regarding examining the measures taken at Ercan Airport on site in order to provide information about the measures taken to the Council of Ministers.

Minister Evren: “July 1st  is the opening day of cautious and gradual tourism.”

“We consider today to be cautiously and safely the gradual opening day of the tourist season. We are working to ensure that passengers arrive safely. I hope everything will be fine,” said Minister of Tourism and Environment Kutlu Evren.

Minister Pilli: “We are ready to show our success in the pandemic process here”

“We are here, as three Ministers, to see the passengers who will come to the TRNC. We are ready to show our success in the field of health again during the coronavirus period,” said Minister of Health Ali Pilli.

Minister Amcaoğlu: “We will inform the Council of Ministers about the continuation of the measures”

Finance Minister Olgun Amcaoglu also stated that they want to observe the measures taken in the field closely. Stating that they successfully managed the coronavirus process as a country, Amcaoğlu said, “We came to see the measures which have been taken here. We would like to ascertain on site whether there will be any need for extra measures in the coming days.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment 

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