BRS News of Residency and Health 20th June 2020

The British Residents’ Society published very important news on 20th June 2020 with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus Regulations which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

UPDATE – 20th JUNE 2020


Since the new ONLINE system has been operating, we are aware of certain concerns and anomalies which have arisen. As a result, we have attempted to provide as much information as possible to assist and have now provided both a text and pictorial guide for your information. Both of these guides will be updated as and when there are changes.

We will soon be issuing a FAQs document in relation to the most common issues surrounding the new system – once we have clarified the issues with the Immigration IT department.

Should you still require further information either contact us via the website or attend one of our clinics to get assistance.

Following concerns of members applying using the system and being presented with no alternative but to purchase the ‘State Insurance’, we made enquiries directly to the Director of Immigration, who confirmed that, for the time being the State Health Insurance was the only acceptable option.

He also explained that they are reviewing this matter and once they have decided what their options are, we will be informed.

I have below reiterated what the State Health insurance covers. Also, this policy is available for persons over 70, where private insurances do not.

Compulsory Health Insurance Coverage

For Foreign Nationals with an Immigration Permit

Foreign nationals, who have paid the premium determined in accordance with Article 11 of the National Health Insurance Scheme, can benefit from health examination and treatment services carried out in the emergency services free of charge.

However, all other public health services, excluding the emergency health treatment services carried out after the necessary examination and diagnosis in the emergency services, including consumables, polyclinic services, laboratory and examination services, public pharmacies, drug supply services, all kinds of inpatient treatment services, any paramedical services and any other public health services offered can be used at full cost.

The scope of emergency treatment services as per Article 11 of the National Health Insurance Scheme is as follows:
2-Traffic Accident
3-Suicide Attempt
6-Injury/ limb rupture
7-Electric shock
9- Cold Shock
10-Heat Shock
11-severe burns
12-Serious Eye injuries
13. Poisoning
14- Serious allergy anaphylactic situations: Severe allergy or low blood pressure that may lead to impaired heart rhythm, respiratory tract obstruction.
15- All kinds of spinal fractures of the spine and lower extremity fractures, which cause large external or internal bleeding.
16- Decompression (diver’s disease) situation commonly known as ‘crippled by the bends’
17- MI, Arrhythmia hypertension crises: Heart attack, types of heart rhythm disorders that require urgent treatment, brain pressure, haemorrhage etc. rising to a degree that can lead to serious outcomes
18- Asthma crisis, acute breathing problems
19- Any situation that causes loss of consciousness
20- Sudden strokes
21-Serious general condition disorder
22-High fever: poisoning, infectious diseases, heat stroke, etc. If the average body temperature is 39.5 C or above.
23-Diabetic and uremic bleeding: conditions that may start from confusion caused by diabetes and kidney failure to complete loss of consciousness (coma).
24-Dialysis disease accompanied by general condition disorder
25-Acute abdomen: Perforation, hollow or knotted inflammation of hollow organs such as stomach intestine, etc. situations requiring urgent intervention.
26-Acute massive haemorrhages: Life-threatening internal or external bleeding , usually caused by trauma.
27-Meningitis, encephalitis, brain abscess
28-Renalcoholic: A condition that causes severe pain that may lead to urinary tract or kidney damage caused by renal calculus.
29-Acute psychotic pictures: Neurological or psychological discomfort.
30-Migraine and/or vomiting, loss of consciousness, headaches.
31-Discomfort due to delirium tremens

We are still awaiting confirmation of dates for these flights, but should we receive that information we will ensure it is circulated. The latest information we have is that there is a flight planned for Tuesday 23rd June.

Editor’s note: For those readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society and registration as a member please click here



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