September 30, 2023

TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı received UK High Commissioner to Cyprus Stephen Lillie and they evaluated both the developments during the pandemic process and the new arrangements at the British Sovereign Base Areas.
President Akıncı reminded once more the reservations of the Turkish Cypriot side regarding the regulation agreed in 2014 between the Greek Cypriot side and the UK on the opening of the non-military areas within the Sovereign Base Areas to civilian development.
President Akıncı also underlined that this issue has been on the agenda since 2014 and recently put into practice, moreover this is not the first time that Turkish Cypriots are mentioning their reservations. Akıncı reiterated that any changes regarding the rights and obligations of the Turkish Cypriots, which are introduced without the approval of the Turkish Cypriots, would not be accepted.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

2 thoughts on “President Akıncı received Lillie, UK High Commissioner to Cyprus

  1. About time we set some conditions, we have to learn to be Proactive rather than accepting conditions we should learn the confidence of setting our own Conditions, such as Not going to any discussion for a settlement discussion unless the Embargo has been lifted permanently and our President is addressed as Such, and not the leader of a community.

  2. The so called republic government of Greek Cyprus is elligle unjust and unfair because it does not recognise the human rights of the Turkish cypriouts economic cultural sporting and religious rights the economic embargoe towards the good victims the Turkish cypriouts must be lifted now because it is elligle unjust and unfair because the Turkish cypriouts are the innocent good victims of Cyprus allah is great

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