September 30, 2023

The coronavirus lockdowns are lifting and there is a spirit of optimism developing in Northern Cyprus and this can be seen in the Anglo Turkish AssociationTREE” Summer 2020 Newsletter which we are sharing with our readers.

The ATA TREE newsletter is a great informative read and contains an introduction by Chairperson: Gülter Kuran who talks about shock of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected us all and the signs of change with the lifting of lockdowns and the work by ATA and other NGO’s who are providing much support to the TRNC government to try to bring home those locals and ex-pats who are far away from their homes in the TRNC.

The main ATA Charity Project for 2020 is the refurbishment of the Activity Room & Construction of new Toilet Facilities at the Special Needs Children’s School in Karakum.

The Association does not have the funds available to be able to commence work on this Charity Project without the HELP and assistance of its members and other people showing benevolence and kind heartedness towards the children of the school by donating to the Association’s Fundraising Appeal and more can be read of this on page 10 of the newsletter including how readers can make donations in support of this project.

There is much more to read in this fascinating newsletter including an interview with the ATA Honorary President Erbil Arkin, who was born in Nicosia in 1950; and was the youngest child of Mehmet and Havva Hussein, his brother and sister are called Ahmet & Nazemin and at the age of 2 the family moved to London.

Erbil talks about his education and the many jobs he did and then his career development and business projects which have led him to be a very successful businessman but we will say no more of this here and leave it to our readers to read the fascinating interview with Erbil Arkin who now lives in Bellapais with his family.

For those readers who may have internet problems which prevent you from viewing the ATA  TREE newsletter in flip-book format you can download a PDF file  here




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