September 30, 2023

By Richard Beale….

This week’s SPORTING QUIZ and the STINKER QUESTION  will be the last quiz for a while. With the Coronavirus restrictions almost fully lifted and the football season hoping to re-commence soon, I feel it is time to “rest it” for a while. The answers will appear elsewhere in this week’s CyprusScene Enewspaper.

This week’s Sports Quiz

Q 1:  In 2018 which famous ex-football manager won “I am a celebrity get me out of here”?. Q 8: Who became the UK first Formula 1 World Champion in 1958 then subsequently retired from the sport?
Q 2: A “jaffa” is a slang term used in cricket describing what? Q 9: In which sport would you stand at “silly point”?.
Q 3:  What is the ‘National” sport of Cyprus? Football, Hunting, Fishing or Handball? Q10In which sport would use a “mashie” or “niblick”?.
Q 4: What is the “National” sport of Turkey? Football, Basketball, Hunting or oil wrestling? Q11: What is Stoke City’s nickname?
Q 5: Which former National Hunt jockey subsequently became a best selling crime writer? Q12: Who is the only person to win World Championships at both Motor Cycling and Formula 1 motor racing?
Q 6: In 1983 which English football club became the first Sports Club in the world to float on the Stock Exchange? Q13: What is the length of a cricket pitch? 24, 23, 22, or 21 yards?
Q 7: Which golfer was nicknamed “The Golden Bear”?. Q14: Frankenstein-Dracula, Würzburger Trap, Howell attack, Lasker defense, Queens Indian, Monkey’s bum, and London system are examples of what?

This weeks “Stinker Question” is to identify this famous International, Premier League footballer?  A striker who scored  73 Premier League goals for 2 Premier League Clubs and retired in 1997. He is currently taking the lead role in a current Netflix series programme.

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