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The British Residents’ Society published very important news 17th May 2020 with the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities about the Coronavirus Regulations which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 

UPDATE – 17th MAY 2020

Following a Council of Ministers meeting, the following decisions have been made


The rotation of public officials will end on May 18.

Rents for April-May will be paid within 6 months after May.

From May 15, the full (night) curfew has been changed from 22:00 to 06:00. As of May 20, this will change to 00:00 to 06:00.

Partial curfew on Sundays ends on 18th May. Hence, partial curfew will be in effect this forthcoming Sunday (17/05/2020). Later superseded to remove Sunday partial curfew.

Further decisions following the finalization of the meeting on 14/05/2020, include:

  • All schools, classrooms and study centers were suspended until 30 June 2020, and nurseries were opened depending on the working conditions to be determined as of 1 June 2020. Suspension of all cultural activities until June 30, 2020.
  • Cancellation of other mass meetings such as all cinema, theater, concerts, festivals and rallies until June 1, 2020.
  • Postponement of all sports events until June 1, 2020, continue after this date.
  • From 17 May 2020, under the rules of the Municipalities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Ministry of Economy and Energy, the open markets will resume.
  • Opening individual boats in marinas for personal use other than collective travels and tour arrangements,
  • Conducting individual sports in parks, individual walking areas, walkways and stadiums within the framework of social distance rules, sales of peddlers,
  • Open places are opened only for family and individual visits.
  • Public officials start work as of 15.5.2020, but its Supervisors are to provide the necessary flexibility to those who are in the risk group and who will be affected by the epidemic.

Except for the sectors in operation, the following sectors, workplaces, and activities are closed or not open until June 1, 2020.

a- Tourism industry, accommodation, casinos, etc.

b- Entertainment places, cinema, bars, beaches, pools, etc.

c- Picnic areas, playgrounds etc., Gymnasiums, sports activities, stadiums etc.

d- Public transportation vehicles etc.

e- Wedding halls etc.

f- Night clubs etc.

g- Bet offices, internet cafes, etc.

h- Tattoo parlours etc.

i- Home visits and hospitality,

j- Culture, art, exhibition halls, libraries etc.

– All kinds of activities that can be carried out collectively.

Beginning from 20 May 2020, within the framework of the rules set, the barbers (only haircuts and no facial care (no beard shaving)), the hairdressers and the hairdressing halls will be opened, as determined by the Municipalities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Ministry of Economy and Energy. Later superseded to include beauty salons.

Restaurants, patisserie, cafe, buffet etc. places continue to serve as takeout or pick-up until May 20, 2020 and as of May 20, 2020, they can start providing on-site service within the framework of the rules to be determined by the relevant Ministries.

The closing hours of the sectors in operation until 20 May 2020 are 20.00, except for those who are in exceptional circumstances, with the decisions of the Council of Ministers

Only the TRNC citizens and relatives of TRNC citizens, i.e. – the spouse and children are allowed into the TRNC from June 1, 2020.

The prohibition of the transportation of passengers, other than the essential services to be determined by the Council of Ministers, of the ships traveling to our country and of the ships arriving in our country in this process, depending on the conditions specified in the article 6 of the measure decision taken by the Council of Ministers dated 15 March 2020 and the extension of the period specified in the decision of the Council of Ministers to continue carrying loads until 1 June 2020 under the same conditions.



We have been advised that with effect from Monday (18th May) the Immigration Department based at the Interior Ministry in Lefkosa, will be resuming as a near level of service as is possible. This will mean that existing residency visa applications already submitted, will continue to be processed, and appointments will be allocated for applicants to attend the Interior Ministry to finalise the issue of their residency visas, at the appropriate time. The system will operate strictly on an appointment only basis, to comply with all relevant health & safety requirements.

The situation regarding the Immigration Departments at the various regional police stations where all residency visa applications must be submitted in the first instance, is that these will remain closed until further notice.

Further information regarding the re-opening of the Immigration Departments at the regional police stations will be announced once a further decision has been taken.

We were informed that no decision had yet been made and that no-one whose residency had expired or not yet applied for will be penalised.


Tolga Atakan, Minister of Public Works and Transportation, noted that as of today, there is no clear structure and date regarding the conditions, how and when scheduled flights will start.

Responding to the allegations that some airline companies started selling tickets and even gave the date of 28 May, Atakan said, “I can say that the flights will not be on 28 May. Several different alternatives are being studied.

There is intensive work with the European Union, airline companies, international carriers, health, and transportation authorities. There are different issues discussed now. Let me give an example; one view is that flights can be made, leaving some seats empty. However, airline companies say that this is an inapplicable system both economically and in terms of health and safety.  The claims that scheduled flights will begin at the beginning of June do not reflect the facts,” said Atakan.

He pointed out that a three-stage structure is planned for entering the country, and that the TRNC citizens return to the country in the first stage.

He noted that in the second stage, TRNC citizens who do not have residence in the country will be admitted to the country, and the third stage will include those who are not citizens but whose lives are in TRNC for the purpose of working, education or residence.

Atakan said, “There is no historical planning for the second and third stages yet. We are currently planning for the first stage, how many citizens we have, where the arrivals will be quarantined. We need to know clearly how many of our citizens will come to calculate their economic side. ”

Minister Atakan also warned the citizens, “I observe that we have entered into a structure that disregards the success of the discipline that has been going on so far. This is an extremely dangerous situation. If we do not comply with the social distance, personal protection and hygiene rules, we can enter a situation that will reverse the comfortable process we have experienced so far.”

Speaking at BRT, the Minister of Public Works and Transportation Tolga Atakan noted that the pandemic process should be evaluated by considering the possibilities such as “will there be a second wave, there is a danger of spread”.

According to the information provided by the Ministry, Atakan said: “Until now, we have taken many precautions in place and on time. We are experiencing an extraordinary situation. Extraordinary situations also require extraordinary decisions. This inevitably creates some grievances. The process we left behind clearly shows us that by closing, we prevented the epidemic from being the same size as in Italy, England or France. We have not had positive cases for a long time. Our last patient has been discharged.”

“Aside from spinning the wheels of the economy, we have many citizens who are abroad and are waiting to return,” said Atakan, with the arrival of these citizens, a cautious but optimistic situation as a new risk will emerge, all these will be evaluated and all necessary measures will continue to be taken. said they were.

“If we dismiss the measure, we can reverse the positive process”

Pointing out that the wheels of the economy started to turn a little with the gradual opening decision, Minister Atakan stated that there was a movement in the income of the state and the economic activities of the citizens.

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