September 30, 2023

Readers Mail ….
From Stephanie Harrison-Croft ….

Yoga ~ Spiritual Evolution

My own path in life has without doubt taken its own way in so many ways and with my own internal knowledge that was, as I now know, my own personal karma. From my earliest childhood memories, compassion and understanding for others was evident, be it for people and maybe more so for animals.

In 2012 I had the best of fortunes where it was my destiny to come by the Yoga Academy Turkey and instantly realised that my entire life had waited for this moment in time and my true spiritual awakening had only just begun. There was no looking back.

I seized the moment, Carpe Diem, and trained to become a yoga teacher so that I could share and spread the benefits, both mentally and physically to everyone on any level who was ready to experience similar to myself.

I qualified with determination and then went onward over the years to become a Senior Yoga Teacher, accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK this year with over 4000 hours of teaching along with other stipulated criteria under my belt. In part some given classes and experiences were in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, the UK and of course TRNC.

During the COVID-19 lockdown pandemic more precious time has been granted to me to personally develop further which has been a peaceful journey filled with serenity and calmness for which I am most grateful. My regular classes have had to evolve also and online zoom classes now continue for everyone. Anyone who feels ready to continue their own Spiritual Evolution with my classes are welcome to contact me for further details which are suitable for beginners to experienced students.


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