September 30, 2023

By Peter Toms..

In January 2014 Alan and Vicky got married after finding each other on the Internet. Both their partners had died of Cancer. Alan was in semi-retirement and wanted to start a business that would provide an income for Vicky if something happened to him.

They took the lease on what was originally  Maggie’s Cafe and opened Vicky’s Kitchen. Vicky had previously been in catering and they set about revamping the restaurant. They moved the kitchen upstairs and put in all new facilities and Alan designed and built an electric, silent dumb waiter to take the food from the now, upstairs kitchen to the customers downstairs. There is a beautiful display of flowers outside which allows the customers to sit in splendid surroundings.

They can now cater for up to 30 people inside and outside in a very homely restaurant treating their customers more like family. They have a very varied menu and it has been said that the English Breakfast is second to none.

Vicky also has a superb talent for homemade cakes and pastries and makes Birthday cakes to order. Roast dinners will also be available when they are allowed to open the Restaurant normally. 

Their Take-away service is now open and they are giving free Turkish coffee with each take-away order.

They have a quiz night on Saturday evenings and a Bingo session and Tombola on Tuesdays which will resume after they reopen offering sitdown meals for customers on 20th May 2019.

They are also offering to organise Birthday parties for people and any customer who has a Birthday will get a free cake made by Vicky and if there are 20 people at the party the Birthday person and partner receive a free meal.

The menu is very varied and always homemade ranging from English and Turkish Breakfasts, Roasts, Fajitas, Hungarian Goulash, Shepherd’s Pie, and Toasties to Apple Crumble and custard and cakes etc. The Carrot Cake is to die for.

They will be having a Re-Opening Party on Saturday 6th June after the quiz session and all customers pre-ordering a meal will receive a  first local drink free of charge.

This is a superb little restaurant, run by extremely nice people who will be very pleased to see you.

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