September 28, 2022

By Trevor Hughes ….

COVID-19 Virus

I have purposely not tried to keep you informed about the COVID-19 virus, because as soon as I released an update, within only a few hours it changed, leading to confusion on what people must obey and what people mustn’t do.

I have criticised the Government here on many occasions on a variety of subjects, but on the handling of this global pandemic, I feel that they have handled the situation of containing the spread of this virus exceptionally well, keeping us all safe and well, albeit for a few cases.

I know it’s been difficult, but in order to beat the deadly virus, hard decisions needed to be made and followed. My personal belief is that life here in the TRNC will change and never go back to how we remember it. If only the rest of the world could look at how we handled the situation, the number of deaths associated with the virus would be have been significantly reduced.

WEF May the 4th the tight boundary controls have been eased, making the need to get police permission to go out of your town and into another area is not now necessary. We are not out of the woods yet and we still need to always wear a mask when going out. We cannot take our “eye off the ball”, one small slip and we could easily be back to where we were, or worse.

Capital Insurance

Although we have not been allowed to work from the Bank in Alsancak, renewing policies and insuring customer cars and homes have carried on regardless.

Payment of premiums have been put on hold until such time as you can cross the boundaries and come into the Bank. This delayed payment has not affected the “cover” and we will carry on as before. However, Capital Insurance have made a “ground breaking” first for those customers who are not allowed back into the Country, due to the current pandemic. Capital Bank are paying the premium value(s) bank transfer charges for our customers affected. This privilege is only for Capital Insurance customers and cannot be extended to non-customers or for any other reason. This proves yet again the customer is at the centre of our operation and always looking to improve our service and remain ahead of the competition!

Reasons for Recording

There are many things each business needs to comply with if they are allowing members of the public onto their premises.

One of these compliances which Capital Insurance Alsancak is having to comply with, to remain within the Governments instructions, is the recording of each visit.

This is to allow the Authorities to track the movement of any person where it is possible they may have coronavirus symptoms. This will help them to trace who that person has visited, who they have been in contact with, and when.

The recording is not for any other reason, and it’s in place for your protection and the protection of others. Summer hours for public services are valid between 11 May to 21 September as follows:

Changes to Public Service Opening Hours

Summertime opening hours are now Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8am-2.30pm. Thursday: 8am – 12.30pm. Closed for half an hour and reopens at 1pm – 5.30pm.

Emergency public services operate 24 hours.

Post Offices

These offices will be re – opened with effect from Monday 11th May hrs 0830 – 1300. 

Prime Card

As each and every day passes by, the use of cash is gradually being phased out. This is not only in the TRNC, but many other countries throughout the world. Now that COVID-19 is with us, it is even more important to avoid using cash to pay for your goods/services, due to contamination issues.

It is with this in mind that Capital Bank wishes to play their part in helping their customers and new customers alike to make this transition whilst keeping safe and well.

Our Bank is making major strides forward in developing this credit facility which will benefit all who use it.


  • Earn credit points on flights and hotel accommodation faster than any of our competitors.
  • Points accumulate up to 6.8 times faster than any other credit card facility.
  • No card fee for a year!
  • Take advantage of instalment payments with Prime Card by dividing payments into monthly instalments.
  • Keep track of your Prime Card expenditure and statements online, 24/7 which can be made in the comfort of your own home.

These are just some of the benefits available and to learn more, call in at our Alsancak Branch and reap the rewards of having a Capital Bank credit card.


Bayram Holidays

Tuesday, May 19th   – Youth and Sports Bayram

Saturday, May 23rd till Tuesday, May 27th – Ramazan Bayram

All local government offices and banks will be closed Monday, 25th May and Tuesday, 26th May.

We will be back to normal working hours as of Wednesday, 27th May.

Do take a look take a look at the most recent weekly enewspaper

For any further information please email me through the contact box below or at Capital Bank in Alsancak.

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