Lockdown, Take Away your meal from The Courtyard Inn, Karakum

By Peter Toms….

With the prospect of a Take-Away service becoming available I travelled several miles this week to find a place to get a take-away I drew a blank until I popped into the Courtyard Inn, Karakum and spoke to Mo who said YES they are doing take-aways and all their staff had been for their health checks and a Take-Away service is available from this coming Monday 11th May 2020  from 11.00am to 8.00pm or if you prefer a home delivery service you can arrange by calling Mo.

They have a selection of delicious goodies as under so if you want to call at the Courtyard and speak to Mo and his bunch of merry waiters they will be very glad to see you.

For more information about The Courtyard Inn, Karakum click here or call 0533 960 6815