August 14, 2022

In response to the article we published with entertainer Andy Reay click here on the subject of what do you do during Self Isolation, we have started to receive messages from many happy people as you will see.

We have had some very distressing news of people marooned in a location due to the COVID-19 lockdown but here we have another case of folk selling their home in the UK and emigrating to Northern Cyprus where they own a home and not being able to get there

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing good news.

For those people who are wanting to return from the UK to the TRNC or go from the TRNC to the UK please go to Facebook page “TRNC Residents trying to get homeclick here and register your details as directed.

Readers mail….
From Lilian Kendell-Ambler…..

Hello Chris,

We are part of the group of people who are trying to get to the TRNC and we have been asked to contact you to see if you would like to include our story

In a nutshell my husband Ray and I were due to move to Northern Cyprus, lock, stock, and barrel on the 16th March, but unfortunately, everything went into lockdown and we are now homeless in the UK living in expensive rental accomodation with no income. Every flight we booked was cancelled and we are currently waiting to see if our new flight booked for the 1st June will happen

All our worldly goods are now sitting in Famagusta waiting to be delivered to our home in Esentepe and all we have is a suitcase each.

We were swallows as we were both still working and a few years from official retirement and we bought our home in Esentepe in 2018 planning to use it as a holiday home until we retired. But every time we came out it was harder and harder to leave so we had deep discussions about retiring early, part of which was selling our home in Harlow, Essex. 

The house completion was on the 12/3/20 and our flights booked for the 16/3/20 and then this awful virus happened and our flights were cancelled.  Because the sale had gone through our only option was rented accommodation, so we are currently based in Stansted near the airport. So close, but so far! 

We are continually watching the news and every group on Facebook but there isn’t much concrete news from Northern Cyprus. But we have everything crossed that we might get out there soon and our only consolation is speaking to other ex-pats who are in the same situation. 

Hopefully, you might get our story out there and maybe someone would be able to help us. 

Kind Regards

Lilian Kendell-Ambler

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