August 15, 2022

Minister of Health Ali Pilli made a statement in the Assembly and stated today (5th May) that there had been 3,000 tests and no new cases were encountered.

He explained that the number of tests carried out in the last 24 hours was 3,000 and no positive case was found.  Minister Pilli pointed out that as a result of the tests performed, 10 people will be further investigated.  The total number of tests to date is 16,431.

Minister Pilli stated that there is no new case of recovery and discharge.  He added that the treatment of 1 person is continuing and reminded that 4 people had died in total.

Minister of Health Ali Pilli also answered the questions posed to him in the General Assembly. “my view on education was my personal opinion. I mentioned that the schools will not be opened this year. The Scientific Committee and the Council of Ministers said that they will make this decision after 15 May.”

“Do not be afraid of many opinions. It is very important to come up with different opinions. I have previously stated that there will be no fee for the tests. We do not act without a plan. Today, some businesses were opened within the framework of a plan and program.

The first 15 days are very important to us. If an infection occurs, it will probably appear 7 days later. If we are working 1 before, now we will work 10. We will see the results in 15 days. If there is success, it is the success of all of us. It is not only my success. All healthcare professionals, government, opposition, our people are all on the same ship. If this ship sinks, we will all sink. If this ship floats, we will swim again. We will continue to expand the measures. After 11th May, the food takeaway service (paket) will also be opened. There will be new expansions later.

The borders will open when the COVID-19 outbreak is taken under control in Southern Cyprus. Necessary measures will be discussed by the bi-communal Health Committee and a middle way will be found.

I would like to thank the healthcare professionals once again. Today, everyone spoke very positively about health. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Today, this assembly has made very good contributions in terms of health. I offer my endless thanks. I thank you all.

After 18th March, quarantine hotels were established with the decision of the Council of Ministers and those coming from abroad were kept in quarantine hotels, following which 3,000 people from the quarantine hotels were then isolated further in their homes. 

I have not given any privileges to anybody up to now. I did not grant privileges to either the minister or the relatives of deputies or the child of my own undersecretary and they were held in quarantine hotels. I do not know the owner of the Merit Hotel, nor his son. We did not give any privileges to anyone and sent them to their home. Merit Hotel became a quarantine hotel and there was not only the owner’s son but also other people. We will now set strict rules for those coming from abroad. There is still a risk of this virus. This virus has already come to us from outside, and we do not want the virus to be transferred back to our country. Of course, our citizens who are in a difficult situation abroad will not be stranded. Those coming from abroad will be kept under surveillance for 7 days in a dormitory that we have turned into a hospital, and the health committee will decide how many days these people will need to remain there.”

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Health 5th May

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  1. Please also remember your residents who are currently stranded abroad.

  2. Please remember there are still many people that have residency here that are still stranded abroad . Thank you

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