June 3, 2023

With the cooperation of Anafartalar High School and Girne Municipality in Girne, donations of tablets and laptop computers, with the contributions of helpful people, were given to 35 Anafartalar High School students who were not able to participate in distance education.

While the distance education method has been maintained in line with the measures taken due to the coronavirus epidemic, the equipment for 35 Anafartalar High School students who did not have electronic equipment and who have been deprived of distance education has been completed with the contributions of helpful people, citizens and associations.

As a result of the aid campaign launched, 20 students were provided with internet, 5 laptops and 30 tablets. The tablets and laptops that were were delivered to Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne were distributed by Girne Municipality teams.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, Ali Yaman, Director of the General Secondary Education Department at the Ministry of National Education, reminded that since the end of March, they started distance education due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and that various campaigns were initiated for students who were deprived of distance education due to the inadequacy of equipment. Saying that their needs had been met, Yaman thanked Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, the school principal Erbil Hüryaşar and the philanthropists, who led the campaign for our students to access distance education at Anafartalar High School.

The Mayor stated that the negativities caused by the pandemic throughout the world also affects students in every area.  Reminding that students need technical equipment in order to participate in the distance learning program for schools, Güngördü stated that positive results were obtained from the campaign aimed at meeting the needs of students who had a lack of equipment in this regard.  Pointing out the importance of health and education, Güngördü thanked everyone who supported the campaign, stating that the students for which equipment had been completed will enable them to continue their education.

Girne Anafartalar High School Principal Erbil Hüryaşar, stated that in the distance education process, the students showed a high participation rate of 80 percent, but there were 35 students who did not have any equipment.  Hüryaşar stated that they started a campaign through the press in cooperation with the Municipality of Girne in order to supply equipment to the students and that the benevolent citizens met the needs in a short time with this campaign.

 Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality 

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