August 12, 2022

Introduction by Chris Elliott…

Here in North Cyprus, we have seen fast action by the government to counter and control the threat of COVID-19 and looking outward we tend to be preoccupied with news from the UK with the BBC and Sky News taking up a lot of our attention and is very scary if we believe the news that the government there has made a big mess of the situation.

Like Brexit, the media in the UK report about COVID-19 around the clock competing with each other with sensational claims and exclusive reports which I am sure must worry many people who fear for their lives and let’s face it, this virus is a real threat to all of us.  

I was interested to find out what the situation is in the US and asked a friend and he replied as you will see and it seems that they have the same problem of media hype clouding the issues. Why is it, well I can well recall when I started writing in the past Cyprus Observer newspaper, the late editor and dear friend, Ali Yaliman said to me “Chris you have to understand that bad news sells” when I was talking to him about news topics.

Readers mail….
Roger L Jennings….

Hello Chris,

Roger Jennings

The US is suffering from a virus and infection.  The virus first came to a nursing home in Washington State and Los Angeles, but was stopped by quarantining the people involved. Wuhan, China, sent thousands of Chinese to Italy.  Europe caught the virus, and some of those people flew to New Rochelle, NY, a town close to New York City.  Governor Cuomo of NY  did not quarantine New Rochelle like Washington State and LA.  The people in New Rochelle work in New York City like the people in NJ.  More than 50% of the US deaths have been in the NYC and NJ area.

The infection of division and hate has come from the politicians who supported Hillary Clinton.  The truth is President Trump stopped all flights from China against the advice of all 21 people on his virus council and before the death of a single person.  His action has no precedent in US history.  However, the politicians who said Hillary would win the election in a landslide keep saying the President did not act soon enough.  The media does not comment on Gov. Cuomo’s failure to quarantine New Rochelle.

Fortunately, many businesses in New York City told their employees to work from home.  The media has not reported this fact, but many Americans know and practice this simple instruction.  Without that instruction, more would have died in the NY area than the 10,000+ who did die.

Most of the US media suffers from the same infection as the politicians who oppose President Trump.  The media is located in New York City, Washington, D.C., and LA. The message the world hears comes from these media organizations, but most Americans do not live in those areas. Most Americans reject the national media.

President Trump has many of the same characteristics that made Ataturk such a great President.  Both worked around the clock  for the citizens they served, and took quick, decisive action.  Neither enriched themselves financially from their position as President.  If Ataturk was running for political office today, he would be elected in a landslide victory.  So will President Trump in November.

Chris, I hope this helps.  

Sincerely, Roger

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