July 3, 2022

A COVID-19 test was performed on 32 personnel of Girne Municipality, which is constantly actively working due to the coronavirus epidemic and continues various services.

In the information given by the Municipality of Girne, it was noted that they had tested their employees in order to protect their staff and the public. Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü made a statement on the subject and noted that they made tests in line with their wishes, especially the Mayor and his personnel, who were in contact with the citizens, to the police officers, to all the personnel at the cash desk, and to all the staff working in the food distribution and in direct contact with the public, through the Ministry of Health and Girne Akçiçek Hospital. 

Güngördü said, ” All the results have been negative, so there is no staff with health problems in this regard. We also wanted to share this with our people as we have to protect ourselves while giving this service to you, and with the responsibility and awareness of our staff to protect our citizens when they contact those which we have targeted to assist. “

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality 

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