August 18, 2022

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I am writing to share the article written by Akdeniz Karpaz University Vice Rector, Assoc.Prof. Serdar YURTSEVER which I hope your readers will find interesting.

The effect of COVID-19 on State Security Perception

The virus named COVID-19, which emerged in China in the last month of 2019 and spread to all countries in a short time, was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and many countries’ governments started to apply extraordinary measures to prevent and control its spread within its borders. Although the World Health Organisation says they are working towards finding vaccines and treatments, many countries continue their independent research studies. It is uncertain when the results in question will reach a result, between 4 months and a year, various time periods are pronounced.

The nature of wars is constantly changing!

When we look at the history of the world, it can be seen that the nature of the wars is constantly changing. The First World War cost the deaths of millions and ended with treaties that did not eliminate and the causes of this war. As a matter of fact, World War II broke out shortly after. The First World War began and ended conventionally. The Second World War started conventionally, but nuclear power put the last point. The Cold War Period and the process of separation from the colonies of the colonial states brought a different dimension to the concept of war. Meanwhile, the nuclear arms race continued at a great speed. The Cold War era ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall, but regional wars in the world continued by changing natures.

No one can guarantee that countries are not conducting secret biological studies!

Nuclear, biological, chemical, asymmetric, psychological, cyber warfare, proxy wars, civil war, terrorism, rebel etc. concepts continued to change the phenomenon of war. In addition, the accelerated rise recorded in scientific and technological studies; enabled the inclusion of new military vehicles, equipment and ammunition in the inventories of the armies.

During the emergence and spread of the pandemic, many conspiracy theories have been produced by various sources. As long as the type of Biological War remains in the literature, it is possible that such scenarios always occur. No one can guarantee that these scenarios will not really happen one day or that some countries are not currently carrying out secret biological studies in this sense. Therefore, it has become clear that it is essential to carry out and embody some permanent studies against pandemics such as COVID-19 whether natural or conscious.

The Importance of “Health Personnel and Equipment” as a New National Power Factor!

Up to the present; We regarded the political, military, economic, socio-cultural, demographic, geographical, geopolitical, scientific, technological, psychological powers as the elements of the “National Power”. However, considering the pandemic process we are experiencing and the possibility of using a similar situation as a combat vehicle, it is thought that “Health Personnel and Equipment” should also be included in the “National Power” elements.

In addition, it has been clearly seen that it is vital to be self-sufficient in every field in such an environment. It is obvious that the functions of country alliances, international or regional organisations will not be able to work properly, and after a point, everyone fall into their own troubles.

Source: Akdeniz Karpaz University


Who is Assoc.Prof. Serdar YURTSEVER?

Assoc.Prof.Serdar YURTSEVER is the Vice Rector at the University of Mediterranean Karpasia (UMK). He received MA degree in History of Turkish Republic from Gazi University. He completed his Ph.D. degree at Hacettepe University.

He teaches at the University on International Relations. His research interest areas are on National Struggle Intelligence, Strategy, Security and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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