August 15, 2022

Readers Mail ….
from Robin Melhuish ….

My novel ‘The Quiet Way’ a fiction written 5 years ago with a lot of the action taking place in my old home town of Hemel Hempstead in the UK is becoming remarkably prophetic (sadly so).

Foreseeing Britain in the grip of a virus threat and a terrorist bombing. Much is coming true right now.

For every copy sold between now and the end of April 2020 April I will donate the royalties to the NHS.


The Quiet Way: Remember Remember

A thriller, Something as big as 9/11 couldn’t happen again, could it? Certainly not in Central London, impossible? An industrial accident in 1946 and an animal rights raid on a medical facility start a race against time and a battle for justice that holds suspense until after the last page.

Every copy sold donates 1.50 GBP to the NHS, a good read while you’re in Lockdown as well. I hope you enjoy and can support this.

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