June 1, 2023

With regard to the measures implemented by the Council of Ministers in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) Girne Municipality have tightened market inspections in Girne.

In the statement made by the Municipality, the Health Department and the police units, which have started to carry out continuous checks to monitor whether the markets fulfill the precautionary practices,  are keeping a record of the businesses that do not comply with the rules.

The authorities noted that necessary precautions should be taken to protect social distancing and personal hand hygiene when it is necessary to go out into the streets in these critical days, Girne Municipality Administration emphasised that they care about this issue in terms of public health and the community should not go out unless absolutely necessary.

Making a statement on the subject, Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü: “We have made written notices to all businesses regarding the rules to be followed against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the market businesses that are essential, being the points where the basic nutritional needs of our city people are met. We will be monitoring these rules with precision. We also evaluate the incoming reports of our sensitive citizens. However, one should be aware that the notification of the citizen or the control of the Municipality will not be sufficient. If the person shopping for food unwittingly carries the virus to his home; the whole society will suffer. We all have to be very, very careful. At this point, our markets have a serious role, please follow the rules. Our citizens should also listen to the experts suggestions with care; “Keep your social distances, attach great importance to your personal hygiene measures.”

In accordance with the measures taken across the country to prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Girne Municipality Health Department stated the rules for market enterprises are as follows;

  • The number of people entering the market should be kept under control; The necessary guidance should be provided to avoid excessive numbers of people at any one time.
  • In the market; Necessary warnings should be made so that people do not come within two meters of others, which is the social restriction distance between individuals.
  • Hygienic mats and hand disinfectant unit should be placed at market entrances.
  • Each grocery business should create its own team to take basic hygiene measures within the business.
  • Handles of shopping carts and / or shopping baskets should be disinfected regularly and continuously.
  • The staff working at the cash desk; must wear gloves and masks and ensure hand hygiene practice.
  • Disinfection applications are instant. In places where the flow of people is continuous, this application; (especially at points such as the cash checkout, shopping carts, toilets, door handles etc. where citizens would have contact with hands) should be maintained at regular intervals.
  • In-market ventilation should be provided continuously.

Source (Turkish)  – Girne Municipality.  Posted 27th March 2020

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