September 30, 2023

Girne Municipality health teams continue their services in respect of issues related to public health within the framework of prevention of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the information from Girne Municipality; The mosquito problem, which affects daily life and has a vital importance in terms of public health, has also been continued in this process; Screening, control and larvicide applications have been carried out without interruption within the framework of the program which has been implemented for many years.

Girne Municipality Health Branch Supervisor Naile Soyel made a statement and said; “Our struggle regarding the mosquitoes, which are the carrier of the most important risks of many dangerous diseases transmitted to humans, namely “vector”, is used throughout the 12 months of the year which is harmless to the environment and all other living things, it is effective only on mosquito larvae.  It is made using a bacteria impregnated with corncob. In the application where we prefer eco-friendly, chemical-free ecological products, we attach importance not only to human and community health, but also to a healthy nature and environmental protection.”

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü stated “The health of our people is most important. Since we are aware of the health problems that mosquitoes can cause, we place a special emphasis on larvicide applications. It is our duty to protect the nature and environment in which we live. That is why we adopt environmentally friendly action.

Since the cooperation of the whole country with effective and correct methods is also important in vector action,  it is of great importance that this action is carried out in a way to cover all Municipality borders across the TRNC.

At  this critical time,  the essential activities of our Municipality will continue. We work with all our strength to ensure the protection of our public health. Our only request from our people is to stay at home and stay safe.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality 

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