September 30, 2023

By Peter Toms….

Hang down your head Alpha Male as it has taken a Lady to designate March as Men’s Prostate Cancer Month.

Sue Tilt

Sue Tilt of Tulips, who appears to have the bounce of Zebedee has taken the initiative on our behalf and made the month of March for all vulnerable males to focus their minds on their bodies and if you have a problem do something about it now.

We all think we are invincible and decline over the years paying little if no attention to our ever progressive aches and pains and in the UK we are told that prostate cancer is now more rampant than breast cancer.

You may not think getting tested is important with the Virus around us but when it has moved on your problem may still remain and all guys who respond to Men’s March should all say a massive thank you to Sue Tilt for giving the big heads up.

Now you Ladies might say that we should check ourselves as you do, but I have to inform you that checking one’s breast must be very simple compared to us Guys who have never placed putting our fingers up our rear ends very high on our must do list, and even lower down the list is asking somebody else to do it for us.

Now we are aware of the massive problems that can be around the corner if we leave it too late before getting treatment (come on Guys you have had the wake up call ) go and have a check up, and I would not be surprised if those of you who are in the early stages and need to seek advice, have partners who are aware that a problem could exist.

Now as I have mentioned partners it leads me to the most important situation in the world today which is the ever declining relationship between Adam and Eve who arrived on this earth to Love and Cherish each other and to pro-create.

At 75 years old I was born in an era when roles were more clearly defined by Male being the hunter and provider and Female the mother and child and home keeper, both vital roles that as time goes by have changed drastically and have become somewhat merged.

Nothing wrong with that as long as the children do not suffer, but sadly I think they do.

As a fourteen year old expelled pupil who in my early years fell heavily into sports, I could never profess to being intelligent or academic but my bucket brims over with street cred and common sense which I find gives a very ‘feet on the ground’ view of life but I never forget that what I think is only my opinion.

Well here comes the Biggy that I hope will not touch tender spots with some Men but I think over recent years Ladies have been let down a TAD and while they march on their Men have slipped into a lesser role in the partnership.

Many Men do not drive anymore and let their Ladies chauffeur them which means your Lady keeps her reactions sharp while yours could decline (not good Guys) take the wheel sometimes and chauffeur your lady for a change.

Watching partners out shopping it appears some men take no part in the selection and choice of products and appear to have stepped back from money matters which again staying involved helps keep the mind sharper.

The Adam and Eve role is a 50/50 deal between partners and should give a feeling of security to both.

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I am noticing that later in life many Ladies are exercising and keeping fairly fit while I am seeing many Guys not keeping fit and Lord help us the ever growing beer belly seems to spread.

Guys, please don’t think that I am lecturing as I am also fighting against a decline in mind and body with healthy eating and as much exercise as my creaky knees will allow which are treated to daily massage with a vibrating brush (good for circulation) and also I spend my shower time using the water pressure to massage the nerve centres in my neck and lower lumber and all joints.

We who have spent time playing sports all suffer from contact injuries or breaks and strains which added to stiffening joints reduce our mobility in later life which means we need to pay more attention to our bodies needs and stretch and exercise every morning with a routine that gives us a bump start for the day ahead.

There are many gyms to use and my lady and I use the gym 3 times a week (when we are allowed) in the winter and swim every day and walk our dogs as well as riding our bikes in the warmer weather.

Many Men do exercise but some have either stopped or maybe never started so come on let’s step on the gas and do more for ourselves and impress our Ladies with the new Man energy and positive attitude and once again thank you Sue Tilt for thinking of March for Men but as March has nearly gone let’s extend the motto to Men’s year.  

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  1. I am lucky to be married to a wonderful man, he usually always drives me, he opens doors for me, he is doing all the shopping whilst I stay at home during this curfew and is willing to do it any other time, he does the washing up when I have cooked, he makes all the teas and coffees, not forgetting the alcoholic ones of course, he has taken care of me when i went through breast and bladder cancer, I broke my leg on Christmas day and once again my man was there to take care of me. He had a PSA test a couple of months ago, the results are 1.4 which is excellent news, we have 3 friends who have/had prostrate cancer, it is a cancer that if caught early enough has a great survival rate. All men should have their prostrates checked, usually a simple blood test is all thats needed.

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