December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott…

We have been translating from Turkish and publishing many TRNC government website posts about the Coronavirus and other issues to help English speaking people both here in the TRNC and abroad.

We published one article “Pilli: “Basic needs of tourists in quarantine hotels will be met about how the tourists held in the Salamis Hotel in isolation would be helped and treated.

We had a number of comments on this article and other articles by a number of tourists held there who at first complained and then started giving thanks for the help and treatment they were receiving. It was good to see that. 

Today we received yet another comment which like others we translated and this one from a Swedish Tourist was most heart warming.

From Birgitta Johansson

“Tonight at 23.25pm  24th March we Swedes at Salamis Hotel will return to Sweden. I would like to thank the relevant authorities and hotels for all the help we received during our quarantine.

Thousand thanks”

1 thought on “Swedish Tourist leaving the TRNC says thank you

  1. We have a very old saying, A cup of coffee has a forty year’s remembering. No problem they are Always Welcome.

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