September 30, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Anatoliy Drozdov of Kazakhstan is perhaps the first artist who took the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as the subject of his latest paintings. He expressed his views and feelings about this lethal virus, on some of his canvases, which he produced specially for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts.

According to the information provided by the Near East University, Kazakh artist Anatoliy Drozdov tried to express his feelings by reflecting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has spread across the world, to canvas.

The artist Drozdov stated that he could not stand by without doing anything due to the epidemic of the COVID-19 that surrounds the world, and thus tried to create awareness and expressed his feelings on canvas.

Drozdov underlined that we should be sensitive to the calls of the rulers of the country in this process, and said that we should stay at home to stay healthy.

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