December 8, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

With our advancing years, both Chris and I feel very vulnerable to the risks involved with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, even with the very strict measures implemented by the TRNC Government, where we are currently on partial curfew.

We had intended to do some shopping on Monday 23rd March but as this was the first day of the partial curfew we were not sure what we would find in our local supermarkets.   Having seen a posting that Erdener Supermarket in Ozankoy were offering a home delivery service, we decided this was the more sensible option and so on Tuesday morning we sent our order via Whatsapp at 11.15am and we received a call from Erdener in respect one or two items not available and suggesting alternatives.  The order was delivered in the afternoon at about 3pm.  We cannot praise Erdener enough for their excellent service during these very unfortunate times.

Our order arrived and we were pleased to see the two delivery boys wearing masks and gloves and carrying a huge box with our ordered goods which were also in plastic bags. Apart from 2 items on our list which were not available, we received everything we had ordered, with a similar substitute in respect of one of the items.   Apart from bread and fresh fruit and vegetables we are in a position that we will be able to cope for a number of weeks for meals, albeit towards the end of this period it will probably be a bit of a mismatch!

Orders must be placed between 8am and 12 noon daily by using Erdener Whatsapp line 0533 838 9888 and deliveries are made between 2pm and 5pm on the same day.  Minimum order value is 250TL.  The service is currently valid between 17th and 27th March.  In the event of an extension this information will be made available by Erdener.   Please visit Erdener Facebook page for more information by clicking here

When I first moved into my home in Ozankoy 16 years ago, I remember Erdener as very small supermarket at the front of the area where their current store stands, now occupied by Eziç Point.  Erdener was a very friendly family run business, which some years later became a much larger supermarket, still very friendly and with a much wider range of goods.   A few years ago Erdener opened their super-store market which lies back from the original site, it is a very large supermarket now but still with the same friendly atmosphere.

Well done Erdener, you have always looked after your customers, and continue to do so.

On a more serious note, I feel that for an unrecognised country (with the exception of Turkey) the TRNC Government should be congratulated for implementing measures to protect the community as soon as it was aware of the Coronavirus pandemic, and even now we have partial curfew to try and stamp out this virus.  There are some that resent the curfew and even some who still are not complying with the rules, but I know where I would rather be at this moment in time, at home in the TRNC.   

Stay home and stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Erdener Supermarket, Ozankoy, emergency home delivery service

  1. Agree with all written, originally when we arrived almost 16 years ago Mr Erdener had a tiny shop behind the Mosque in Çatalköy and hoş help in those first few months was invaluable. He then moved on and into the premises at Karakum and then to the superstore and throughout both he and all of the staff have treated the customers with respect. thankyou 100% recommend this excellent shop / supermarket.
    David Harriman Çatalköy

    1. Thank you David. I am sure there are many others who agree with you.

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