August 19, 2022

Email from Ministry of Tourism and Environment 15th March 2020

“Regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, in accordance with the decisions taken by our government in order to protect public health, tourists in our country are to be sent back to their countries.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association (KITOB) and the Cyprus Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (KITSAB), all tourists in our country are to be sent back to their countries by means of chartered aircraft by Monday evening 16th March.

As the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, we have put into effect an initiative to ensure better tourist and health care services during the isolation period of the tourist group, which is currently under surveillance at Salamis Hotel, Famagusta.

As a result of our initiatives, it was ensured that in respect of tourists held in isolation at the hotel, they are provided with morning, noon and evening meals by a special catering company, including the need of drinks and snacks.

As the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, we publicly share concern that the tourists at the hotel, who are being kept under surveillance, are in constant consultation with both the Ministry of Health officials and the Hotel’s top management, and that doctor and nurse services are carried out without any problems.”

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Environment

Editors Note; We understand that the Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association (Kitob) have appealed to its Hotel members to volunteer to provide urgently to the quarantined hotels Cardboard Cups, Kettles, Tea Bags and Nescafe.

Email 15.03.2020

19 thoughts on “All tourists in TRNC are to be sent back to their countries

  1. I am one of the inmates at Salamis Bay Conti and I can assure you that the food being provided is appalling. No meat fish or milk. We have had no tea or coffee for 6 days. There is no soup or starter they are serving just rice and vegetables with a bread roll no butter and a piece of fruit. Water is the drink provided. I have pictures of the food provided which I will happily send you by What’s App if you wish.
    BETTER FOOD WOULD BE SERVED IN PRISON The shop has closed so we cannot buy fruit juice or any alcoholic drinks

  2. We’re currently in quarantine at the Salamis Bay hotel and I’m not sure you can class what we are being given as a ‘meal’ and the snacks must mean the orange we are given daily! For the last 3 days we have had nothing but water to drink.

      1. Try to stay calm all and your case is receiving a lot of attention

      2. Interestingly, since going into print we have had our first delivery of tea bags and a little coffee… coincidence surely?! %

      3. Not really the world and the country is aware of your situation…Keep watching these pages or gives us your news updates

  3. Jag håller med Grant och Karen. Jag tror fångar i fängelse får bättre mat än vad vi får. Bara ris, couscous, pasta med spenat, bönor, haricot vertes
    Inte en minsta bit kött. Jag har också bilder på dessa måltider. Jag undrar vilka cyprioter som bara dricker vatten hela dagen som vi fått göra.

    1. Thank you Briggtta and I hope our English translation conveys your thoughts

      ” I agree with Grant and Karen. I think prisoners in prison get better food than we get. Just rice, couscous, spinach pasta, beans, haricot vertes
      Not a small piece of meat. I also have pictures of these meals. I wonder which Cypriots only drink water all day that we have been allowed to do.

      1. Jag vill bara meddela att dagens lunch och middag var väldigt god. Och vi har nu fått vattenkokare och tepåsar och kaffe.
        Tack för att ni förmodligen påverkat detta.👍😊

      2. That’s even better news Brigitta and I am delighted for you all and again I am sharing your message in English

        “I just want to announce that today’s lunch and dinner were very good. And we have now got kettles and tea bags and coffee.
        Thanks for probably affecting this.”

  4. How exactly are tourists being repatriated? I have a relative staying with me, her return flight has been cancelled by the airline.

    1. Hello Dawn they are only sending away tourists in hotels so you will have to wait until flights become available again for your guest to leave

  5. Jag vill bara meddela att dagens lunch och middag på Salamis var mycket bra. Kanske tack vare er medverkan. Tack👍😊

    1. I am delighted to hear that Brigitta and have translated for our English readers

      “I just want to announce that today’s lunch and dinner at Salamis was very good. Maybe thanks to your involvement. Thanks”

  6. Ännu en dag med god mat. Vi är så tacksamma för den service vi får av alla som hjälper oss👍😊

    1. Thank you, Brigitte, and as previously we have translated your thanks into English for our readers to appreciate.

      “Another day of good food. We are so grateful for the service we receive from everyone who helps us”

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