August 19, 2022

The third protest action at the Lokmacı border gate since the Greek Cypriot Administration unilaterally closed four crossing points on 28 February was held yesterday (9th March).

Tension occurred between UN peacekeepers and Turkish Cypriot police on the Turkish side of the Lokmacı border gate due to the UN soldiers attempt to prevent Turkish Cypriot protestors from crossing into the buffer zone. The UN peacekeepers, which formed a line alongside the Turkish Cypriot Police were pushed back to the buffer zone by Turkish Cypriot police where they formed a human chain to prevent the protestors from moving forward.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

2 thoughts on “UN prevents Turkish Cypriot Protestors from crossing the buffer zone

  1. The word ‘alongside’ confuses me. It implies that the Turkish Police and the UN Soldiers were together against the protesters.

    1. Correct Olwyn (alongside or facing each other) the UN came into TC territory and tried to form a barrier so the protesters could not pass and the TC Police pushed the UN back into the green line area and then the protesters pushed through right up to the GL border line where they were sprayed.

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