August 12, 2022

President Mustafa Akıncı made a written statement via social media on the issue of the Greek Cypriot police using tear gas at the peaceful protest at Lokmacı Gate on Saturday 7th March.

President Akıncı said ‘Although there have been no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus found so far on either side of the island, and the Bi-communal Health Committee had reached an agreement that no further measures were needed to be taken at the crossing points, the unilateral decision of the Greek Cypriot Administration to close the border gates and use tear gas against the protestors is a disproportionate force. Tear gas should not have been sprayed on people who were holding a peaceful demonstration for opening the border gates and the development of inter-communal relations, instead, perhaps an olive branch should have been extended to them. The decision, which is deemed unnecessary by all parties, must be corrected as early as possible. I would like to mention that we are ready to tackle the problem in cooperation on a scientific basis, which is a global issue.’

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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