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More paintings for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

For the last few years the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts has been arranging painting exhibitions of foreign artists, mostly from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other states in that region. The paintings put into the exhibitions have specifically been produced for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts.

This policy of the management is going to establish the museum as the holder of a vast number of paintings from that particular region. This exercise is not only improving mutual relationship with people of those countries, but also acts as introducing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The latest of the series is the exhibition of artworks of Uzbek Artists İbragim Valikhodjaev, Bakhtiyor Umarov and Yokub Baknazarov, and Russian Artists Kokacheva, Alla Roi, Tatiana Chervatiuk, Daria Nevedrova, Talgat Dosmanov and Luo Xi. The exhibition was composed of  68 artworks and was inaugurated by the Member of Parliament from Lefke, Aytaç Çaluda.

Uzbek Artist Bakhtiyor Umarov expressed his feelings by saying that it was a wonderful opportunity to be part of this unique and magnificent project not only on a regional basis but globally . He continued, “the development of culture is a very important issue and you are realising an important mission!  Furthermore, we artists can share with you the creativity that we cannot show in other places and halls. We created our pieces for you in these three weeks. Of course, art, like gold, is slowly accumulated! I would like to thank everyone who was with us during the time we were here. I wish you all a long and healthy life, and also express my gratitude to everyone.”

Speaking on behalf of the Russian artists, Talgat Dosmanov said:“I would like to thank you for sharing this moment with us. We are proud and happy to see our art taking place in the museum. In fact, I believe that it is a dream for every artist to have his works in this museum. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Suat Günsel for giving us the chance to realise our dreams. I hope success awaits you with every step you take.”