Don’t we need to be healthy through sport at every age?

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

There are some people, who at one stage of their lives bid goodbye to their past. For them their past means a period gone, and would never come again. Honestly speaking they are right because we live in the present, which becomes our past with every tick of the clock.

However, I believe that we can bring our past back to the present, if we decide to. Of course, I do not mean that we can re-wind the clock and go through the same past events again. I mean that the talent, the capabilities that we used to have in our past, can be brought forward to the present to a great extent, if not fully.

Unfortunately, most of us think that crossing the peak of our youth, means retiring to a non-active life. The first attack of this feeling usually occurs at the age of 40 and the second and the most severe one at the age of 60.

Let me mention an example here. About 15 years ago from now, I had started working in a local company, where I came across a fellow worker, in his mid-40s. A nice fellow, we developed a working understanding easily. With the passage of time, I came to know that he had been interested in running in his high school and university.

So I asked him why he was not continuing running. He told me that he had left running after entering into practical life. According to him he had become old and could not run anymore.

I was not shocked at his way of thinking, because this is what I see in people around me. People usually stop taking part in sports when they enter into their practical family lives.

According to me one reason for this feeling is that we look at sport as competitive sports only.  The general understanding is that sport stands for winning or losing. The youth, who used to struggle to win any race or game at their prime stop taking part in sports just because they think that they cannot win anymore.

It is this point which needs to be understood very well. The media, both social and print, has made us believe so. The media covers only competitive sports. They run after and interview the winners only. The losers are not news for a journalist.


Thus every child, from a very young age starts believing that sport stand for winning or losing only.

Whereas sport is meant to be presented as a way of life, it must be indexed to human health. Sporting activities must be presented as a source to maintain health.

Sport in the present commercialised form does not add to the general health of people. The majority of people interested in football, for example, declare themselves as sports addicts, just by watching the matches on television.  Whereas this is not what sport stands for.  

For me, sporting activities should be taken out from their presented competitive form. Sporting activities must be popularised with the aim of improving the general health of all. I am sure, once steps are taken with this aim, there would be a big reduction in the number of sick people everywhere. Sports activities (running and walking) in particular strengthens the immune system, which ultimately reduces the probability of becoming sick. Sporting activities for the sick also increases their chances of remaining healthy earlier.

But of course, the pharmaceutical companies world-over do not like this at all, because there must be more and more sick people to boost the sale of medicines and medical supplies.

I think we all must realise that we must continue participating in sporting activities, not by watching the television, but by coming out of our homes and running or walking.